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Getting Great Deals on Round Diamonds

One word that people do not associate with round diamonds is cheap. Not only are regular diamonds usually quite expensive, but the ones that have a round cut are even more expensive. This is the case because jewels with this kind of cut are almost perfect and have a shine that is hard to achieve with other cuts. Because of the higher quality, these diamonds naturally price higher, but that does not mean you have to stand for that.

An interesting thing about diamonds is that the smallest flaws can drive the price down a lot. If you are willing to get a diamond that is less than ideal, you can save a lot of money. Flawed round diamonds are still going to be expensive, but the cost is going to be substantially lower than one without any damage. And the further you go down the line of imperfection, the less money you will pay.

Since most people are not experts in gemology, they do not have the ability to spot the mistakes that more experienced people can. Therefore, you might as well get something round diamondsthat is a little bit imperfect, because this can save you so much money. Of course if you have a lot of money and want the best, then there is no reason to buy anything but the best.

Traditional retailers have a lot of overhead, such as what they need to pay for rent and marketing, their employees’ fees, and other costs that come from running a business. If you can find a small independent jeweler, you will be able to get a price on a diamond that is lower than others simply because that particular business does not need to factor in its other costs into the price you pay. Finding such a place is not hard as long as you take the time to look.


Take a Look at Cubic Zirconia Rings

The cubic zirconia is not a natural gem, or natural stone of any kind. It is made with a chemical process and was first developed in Russia. While they are so similar to real diamonds they do have some major differences. One of the main attractions of diamonds is the way they reflect light. A diamond has a dispersion rate of 04 and the cubic zirconium has a dispersion rate of only 06. To the naked eye this difference is in no way noticeable. When you consider that they are priced is just a fraction of the price, in these tough economic times the zirconium stones have become very popular indeed. The most popular use for zirconium is in jewelry, most commonly rings. Cubic zirconia rings are among the most popular choices these days.

Today, there are various items on which people are trying to reduce their spending and one of the first things that gets cut from the budget is jewelry. It is very easy to drop the spending on the diamond and gold rings, but you need a good alternative of these precious items and that is Cubic zirconia rings. It is much easier to find cubic zirconia cubic zirconia ringsrings for under $100 than it is to find a diamond ring for under $1000. This can make an incredible difference to a young couple just starting their life together.

You can easily find cheap cubic zirconia rings in several different colors as well. Along with giving perfect simulated diamonds Cubic Zirconia rings you can also get cubic zirconia rings that are both rubies and emeralds. The stones are essentially colorless, which diamonds are usually not, and color is added in the manufacturing process.

Many people who buy these rings find them to have features that diamonds just do not have. The stones themselves look exactly like diamonds except for the fact that they are colorless. These features, highly sought after in the diamond markets make cubic zirconia very appealing to not only consumers but the jewelry markets also. Another appealing feature is that they are very easy for the jeweler to work with and the range of different colors and designs is nearly unlimited. With a diamond a jeweler has to be very careful not to damage the stone. With cubic zirconia, because of the low cost, this is no longer an issue. This gives the jeweler a great deal more flexibility in the types of designs they can use.


Get Stylish with Cufflinks

The decision to wear silk knot cufflinks is not to be taken lightly and the man who wants to wear them must be sure to pay special attention that they are appropriate for the look he wishes to present. The versatility of silk knot cufflinks makes them suitable for many occasions but it is important to make sure the overall design fits in well with the rest of the clothing.

The ordinary shirt with French cuffs will exude elegance with a quality pair of silk knot links. There are many modern designs that are quite creative and they are made in unusual colors as well. It may be confusing to choose the right pair for your particular needs but in general you want to consider the type of event you will be attending and match the color to your wardrobe. A different can be had by using the silver knot cufflinks.

You need to select a basic design if you will be attending a black tie reception. The most popular combination is a white shirt with French cuffs paired with either solid black or solid white links at the wrists. You will never go wrong if you stick with white or black for any type of formal event.

You do not have to replace pieces of your wardrobe to get a whole new look. Simply buy some different pairs of cufflinks and be creative in your choices. There are pieces available in colors like red, blue and yellow. Take a look at some of your ties and select colors that will complement them. For a more casual or clean look, take a look at the many pastel shades that are available. These are perfect for wear in the casual workplace.

Wear bright colors with bold accents if you want to draw attention to this element of your wardrobe. Summer is a good time to wear bright, vivid colors but it is best to stick to the basics in darker shades during the wintertime. You can use the silver cufflinks engraved if you want something more traditional.

Why Buy Engraved Military Dog Tags

People have always jumped on the the latest fashion trend bandwagon to satisfy their desire to be part of the “in crowd”. One such standout  fashion trend is the use of  engraved military dog tags. There are some people who are intrigued with this trend but don’t know much about its background and history.  This article will help you understand what the fuss is about.

Many celebrities are wearing military dog tags. You can see them in special red carpet events or even in their movies wearing dog tag necklaces. It has become a fashion staple to the lives of the celebrities to wear dog tags and match it with their outfit.   This fashion trend made it to the mainstream and impressionable people are now wearing them as a result.

Young men like to buy dog tag jewelry because it is associated with military. Soldiers are known for their masculinity and their strong foundation to the principles that their branch of military upholds. Men like to wear them because they feel that they are tough when a dog tag is dangling on their necks.

Dog tags that are available are for decorative purposes only and will not pass as the real thing in the military. There are unique codes embedded in the dog tags of military personnel which civilians do not have access to.

Many people like the simplicity of dog tags and its flexible designs which makes it unique to a user. There are different designs that one can choose to address his personal style. The price of the dog tag depends on the design, type of metal, inscription, chain and color that you will choose. You should have a budget in order to calculate the amount that you are going to spend. Some people who can afford to be luxurious when it comes to their accessories put diamonds and other precious stones on their dog tags.

Online stores and boutiques offer customization of dog tags. They have different styles to choose from or if you have something in mind, then they can help you with your request.

There are many reasons why a person buys dog tags such as they use it as a fashion statement and to make themselves look masculine.

How to Create a Birthstone Ring

If you were to peek in most women’s jewelry boxes you’d probably see an engagement set, a strand of pearls and maybe a birthstone ring. This is one of the classic pieces and might be one of the only pieces of a colored gemstone that you ever own. As such it should be something that you are proud to wear and show off. There are a lot of different styles that can really make it seem special.

When you go shopping, you might be a little bit disappointed at first just because depending on your birthstone it might just be out of your price range. A great way around this is to go with a cabochon. These are a lot cheaper than your basic faceted pieces. At the same time, it’s something that most people haven’t seen before. It really gives you an opportunity to make a statement with jewelry even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Plus, then you can get very large pieces and it will almost have an antique or rustic feel to it depending on the rest of the setting. Plus, you can easily find this kind of jewelry set in a sterling silver.

birthstone ringIf you are buying one of these kind of pieces it might just really stand out from the rest of your jewelry. It could be a little bit smaller and understated and this might not be your personality even if it is representing the month you were born in. Instead, you can just have a lot of fun by stacking different rings. Not every piece has to be your birthstone. You could place it next to silver rings that will really give more of a presence to even the smallest stone. It also allows you to mix-and-match a lot of different styles so that even if you wear the same thing everyday you get a totally different look.


Where To Find Quality Ruby Rings For Sale

You are looking for a new item of jewelry and have decided that the best choise for you is to find a cheap ruby ring. Now, the question becomes, where do we begin the search and what information do we need to make the right decision? Its obvious, but the fact is that if you have never purchased a ruby ring before you probably don’t have the first clue about what makes a particular item worth buying. All of a sudden, when the search begins, a whole new and previously unknown world comes to light. Let’s take a look at some possibilities to be considered.

The item being sought is a specific one and you probably have in mind an image of what it is you want to find. In many cases the time factor plays a big part in the outcome. Obviously, that person who knows what they want, but doesn’t have to stick to a particular deadline, can investigate different possibilites such as garage sales, estate sales and perhaps classified ads in the newspapers. Pawn shops, second hand stores and flea markets become candidates. These avenues, however, can take some time to explore.

If the time available is limited, probably the best place to go for ruby rings is to the internet where there are a number of options available that have the potential to lead you quickly to an acceptable purchase.

This can be a fine source but one of the disadvantages as opposed to the one-on-one suggestions above is that the person seeking to buy the ring does not have the ability to see it first-hand, and sometimes the descriptions back and forth via the internet, people will have vastly different interpretations of exactly what a cheap ruby red ring looks like. For this reason, if possible the deal would be better completed in person. Again, the time factor can prove to be the determining one, but its worth seeking out real world possibilities rather than shopping online.

Getting the Wooden Armoire of Your Choice for Cheap

Having a secure place to store your jewelry that is both safe and stylish at the same time is something many people look for when purchasing a jewelry armoire. In fact, there are many styles available for purchase today, and selecting a style that will complement your room decor should be imperative when the time comes to placing the armoire in your home. There are many different woods used in jewelry armoires, so if you have a set wooden theme in your home, such and cherry or oak, it should not be hard to find an armoire that will suit this style and work in sync with your current decor.

Of course, when you are in the process of deciding on a specific type of wood, there are several worthy factors you should keep in mind. Many darker, harder woods such as cherry and walnut are more expensive than their lighter counterparts, like pine or hickory. This is because these woods take longer to grow and therefore cannot be turned over for profit as easily as faster growing woods. Of course, there are workarounds for getting that dark cherry or walnut look you jewelry armoirewant, without having to fork over fistfuls of cash.

If you do not mind having a pine armoire, it is possible to get an unfinished armoire and stain it yourself. The staining process is very easy to undertake and it will be cheaper in the long run, when compared to purchasing the color of wood you want. The added benefit of staining the wood is that you can make it as dark or as light as you like, depending on the stain you have purchased. Most modern stains can be matched perfectly to a wood color, so if you have a color in mind, mention this to your specialist, so that you can get the best match available.

Best of all, staining your own armoire gives you the pleasure of having created something yourself, since the color and job are all dictated by how well you have performed the staining process. And in the end, taking a little action on your own will allow you to purchase a real bargain on an unfinished armoire, and increasing its value by staining the wood all on your own.

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Bamboo Earrings

Bamboo earrings, to the surprise of many, are typically not made from bamboo. While they certainly can be if they’re of a very natural style, they’re usually made from gold or silver, most commonly gold. They’re hoops that are given the markings, ridges and shape of bamboo. While it’s certainly possible to have genuine bamboo earrings, if they are made from natural bamboo they’ll be given some sort of coating to make them shiny and keep them in good condition.

The most common style of bamboo earrings you’re bound to find, however, is the bamboo shape in a small or large hoop in a precious metal like gold or silver. If you watch the style magazines, various female stars wear them on the red carpet and in casual situations, too. They range from tiny hoops to large hoops and hang far down the neck. Some bamboo earrings are a thin style while others are puffed and very chunky.

What they all have in common is that bamboo marking that gives them a segmented appearance as if they were real bamboo with the knots in the segments found in nature. Every now and then and young starlet will be seen with huge bamboo earrings on in hoops that are so large they may even pull her earlobe down and she’s looked at as setting some sort of a trend. Actually, bamboo earrings are a classic style that’s been around for years so more than setting a trend, new starlets wearing these types of earrings are actually just following a classic trend.

Much like pearls and diamonds, bamboo earrings are so classic that they go with virtually anything. It’s hard to go wrong as long as the color of your earrings such as gold or silver tone matches the rest of the jewelry that you’re wearing.

Cubic Zirconia Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry should never look cheap and neither must it cost a fortune thanks to cubic zirconia that mimics diamonds so well. If you’ve heard about CZ rings, but haven’t wanted to look at them because you fear they’ll be spotted as fakes, then you should see the newest white gold CZ wedding ring sets that are gorgeous, tasteful and very elegant for less than half the price of even the smallest diamond rings set in gold.

Where to Shop For Gold CZ Jewelry

You just need to know where to shop, and that’s where I can help. I’ve been researching cubic zirconia jewelry for a long time and can tell you that buying jewelry online is the way to save money and find the very best gold CZ rings that are on the market. If you shop at places like Goldenmine, you can get high quality white gold CZ wedding ring sets that look real for just over $200! Yes, not $2,000 or more like the diamond versions cost but just a little more than $200 for two rings. One has a large central stone and two baguette cut accents and the other band has three baguette cut gems, so that the cubic zirconia bridal jewelrywhole set has a total of .65 carat CZ gems, all set in solid 14k white gold. Just the gold is worth that much! I’ve suggested one particular set that I think is really great, but they have many different styles all around the $200 to $300 price range.

Bridal Jewelry Sets on A Budget

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to settle for cheap silver or imitation metals, then go to Goldenmine and start shopping for your affordable bridal jewelry in solid gold but without paying the high price of diamonds. Budget about $200 for your white gold CZ wedding ring sets, and another $100 to $150 for your gold and cubic zirconia hoops earrings, and be all jeweled and ready to walk down the aisle for a lot less than you thought possible. And with what you saved on jewelry, you can treat yourself to a little CZ tennis bracelet or a CZ bangle, or pass on the fun to your bridesmaids by giving them some jewelry to match their dresses.

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Jewelry Travel Case

When you travel your fine jewelry can be easily damaged unless you use a jewelry travel case capable of keeping everything tidy and separated. Even your costume jewelry can become tangled and ruined if you’re not careful in the way you pack and transport it. You don’t necessarily have to purchase an expensive jewelry travel case, however. Cheap travel cases can work just as well as long as they have a few important features.

  • Necklaces and bracelets must be held in a way that keeps them from tangling. This is a special problem when you have some that have pendants or charms on them that can easily become tangled in the chains.
  • Rings should be in their own compartment. You can choose a very fancy model that allows each ring to be pushed into its own special sport, or a jewelry travel case with a special place just for rings.
  • Plush or soft lining is best. Even if the case is a hard square on the outside, the insides should be soft so that jewelry that gets jostled around can’t get chipped or broken. For this reason, plush cases that fold up and hold everything firmly in place between soft fabric and padding are nice.
  • Compact is certainly best for your travels. If you can roll up a jewelry travel case that’s fabric and put it in your suitcase you’ll be more likely to take your jewelry with you when you travel than if you carry it in a separate hard-shelled case that takes up more room or has to be carried separately.

Also, consider where you’re going and how much jewelry you really need. You might want to take only a few pieces in a velvet pouch or protective case and keep it in your carry on. Remember that luggage does get lost from time to time, so carrying your most expensive jewelry when you travel, even in your carry on, may not be a good idea.