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Technology And Web Based Shopping

Technology has played an important role in the development of online shopping. Broadband connections have probably been the most influential, speeding up the browsing and buying process, and enabling much more interaction between the buyer and the seller. Safer argos catalogueshopping is taken for granted these days, and encryption technology is at the heart of this. Giving out sensitive details such as personal bank account details are much more secure than they were a decade ago. This has certainly helped online stores to sell more products, and for shoppers to trust who they buy from.

Faster internet connections have also allowed web based stores to provide detailed descriptions of their goods in the form of pictures and video. It is much easier to sell something when the buyer has a clear idea of what they are buying. The big retailers now pack their sites with as many pictures as they can fit onto each page. Most also offer zoom in and out features, or rotation features so you can see different angles of each product. The web pages still load very quickly, so the user experience is not compromised in any way. Retail sites such as the argos catalogue use this tactic to great effect, proving that attention to detail does pay off over time.

Other uses of technology to enhance the customer experience can be found with one click buying services. Reducing the amount of clicks required to actually buy something is a sure fire way to speed things up. Customers want things in a hurry when online, and aimless clicking to get to the checkout or buying page is not the ideal solution. Littlewoods Direct have focused on click reduction, as have Amazon, and their recent success is proof that efficiency is the way forward for retail stores. The investment is considerable for the business, but the rewards are worth it, you only have to look at the rapid growth of Amazon to realise this.

All these different types of technology are all designed to create a better buying environment for customers who visit the millions of web based stores. Site usability is another key factor. A great looking site is useless if people cannot find things. Simple and well organised navigation is required to funnel visitors to the product pages, and then onto the buying phase. Get this wrong and any business will fail. Most of these companies use analytics to track every visitor, so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Changes can be made to poor performing pages in real time, so the technology is also helping businesses become better at what they do. The end result is that the customer benefits from a better site that caters to their needs, and can quickly find the right product at the right price.


How to Improve on Your Hotel Website Traffic

If you want your webhotel to attract traffic, then you have to know some of the elements which can help you achieve this end. Some of these elements include creating an SEO site that is consumer friendly, having original and high class content on your web pages and using enticing designs that appeal to a vast majority of people visiting your site. If you have these three basic elements, then you are halfway through on your way to attracting more traffic to your site and consequently increasing your revenue as more clients stream in to your hotel.

However, there are other factors which can also go a long way in doing this though it is highly neglected. Are you wondering what that would be? Well, the answer is simply linking your webhotel to other websites. Though you might consider this irrelevant and argue that attracting your own traffic is enough, the truth is that in more than one ways, search engines view the fact that other website owner’s confidence in tying their websites to your webhotel as a sign of how great content and as such, they give you greater rankings. However, you have to ensure that the sites you are linking to are reputable due to the fact that this is among the bases that will be used to rank you.

These websites also have to have some relevant information with your webhotel. For instance, if you deal with ladies’ attire then you should not be linked to a site talking about cosmetic surgery because the major purpose of the search engine is to deliver relevant information to certain keywords and this will be an immediate disqualifier for you. On top of all this, always make sure that you use the right anchor texts on your website and as such, you should always make sure to include the destination of your hotel on the web page.

Internet Routers are the Backbone of the Internet

Many people wonder how they can send and receive information from computers all over the world in an instant. They can’t comprehend how they can type instant messages, hit send, and in seconds receive replies from other users who are in other cities, states or even other countries.

The instruments most responsible for the transfer of electronic data around the world are the internet routers. The internet routers are different from the wireless routers that are often connected to cable or DSL modems in the home and a 24 port hub or switch in a home or office Local Area Network (LAN). Internet backbone routers perform much more sophisticated functions than wireless routers.

Internet backbone routers are situated all around the world mostly housed in different Internet Service Provider (ISP) locations set up like a server farm. The backbone routers contain large complex address tables or maps that allow them to transfer a package of data technically

server farm

A Server Farm

known as a data packet or datagram to other routers in the internet until it reaches the last router on the chain before finally being delivered to its final destination computer.  When someone sends information over the internet it is broken into thousands of these tiny bits of information (data packets) and sent over many different paths till all of the pieces arrive at the final router at the receiver’s home.  If any of the packets are lost on the way they are resent from the last past they made it safely.

The internet routers have the ability to process millions and even billions of packets per second with great speed and accuracy. The routers possess network intelligence so that if one or a few routers break down the information is rerouted to other routers almost immediately and without noticeable delay from users on the network. Without these great machines, there would be no networking of computers.


How To Be An Online Psychic

So you’ve decided to get yourself a psychic job. You’ve got this gift and you want to share it with people and you’ve decided it’s fair and reasonable that you make a buck while doing it. But what kind of psychic business should you start? After all, you can’t just hang a shingle that says “psychic for hire” and wait for the crowds to show up.

One of your options is to run an online psychic business. On the one hand, it will present some challenges that traditional business models do not. At the same time, there are benefits that might make it worth your while.

On the plus side, an online business presents relatively low costs in terms of overhead. Your office can be your existing house. You need a computer and a decent internet connection. Online advertising is often more affordable than its print counterparts.

You’ll need a website, which means that you’ll also need a host – that is, a company that will store your website on its computer and make it available to online consumers. A good hosting plan is easily less than ten bucks a month – although after you start seeing some decent web traffic you might want to spring for something bigger.

There are plenty of ways to create a website without bringing in a professional designer. Doing it your self is obviously cheaper. But you have to ask yourself if what you create is sufficiently professional. Remember, when you’re running an online business, your website is your client’s first impression of you. Don’t skimp – and don’t let it look cheap.

Your website might need some fancy additions that are beyond you. For example, if you’re going to do some psychic chat, then you need online psychicgood software and support to handle that. And if you want your customers to pay online, then you are going to need a sufficient checkout process that provides safety on both sides of the transaction.

Think carefully about what kid of services you want to offer. If you’re a palm reader, then going online may not be the best choice for you. What are you going to have people do – scan a photo of their hand and email it you? That’s possible but not necessarily ideal. Be honest. If you’re a Tarot Card reader, don’t advertise yourself as a crystal healer just because it’s easy to say so online.

The downside to the online business is that your work alone – no customers ringing the bell and no fellow pyschic in the next cubicle. Be sure to address this or you’ll burn out.

An online business can be a great resource for self-employed psychics – think it through and don’t rush the process!

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Make Money with Internet Auctions

Internet auctions are a popular way for people to buy and sell things they need. They can be a great way to get something at a bargain price or they can also be an easy way to lose money by purchasing something that’s worthless but that looked good in the auction. EBay is the grandfather of auction sites, the biggest and by far the most successful. Some people make a living selling things on eBay while others shop there before they purchase anything just to see if they can save some money.

Before you sell something on eBay consider how easy it would be to sell it locally and how much you might get for it. EBay charges a fee for you to list the item and they collect another fee based on how high the selling price is. If you want things like highlighting or certain features in your auction listing, those do cost more. And featured auctions that get the most attention carry a high price tag whether or not the item sells.

Most items that you might sell for a dollar or two in a typical yard sale probably aren’t suitable for eBay. What you would get from the item wouldn’t be enough profit over what you pay to listed to make it worth your while because you do have to consider your time. But if you’re unsure, look at the current eBay listings to see if similar things are for sale and how many bids they have.

If you go to the advanced search on eBay you can look at closed items. That’s one of the best ways to see what you might get for yours. If you’re considering selling an old book, for instance, search for it on eBay in the closed auctions and then you can see exactly what was paid for each one that’s already been sold on the site.

If they’re going for very small amounts you might be better off selling it on Craigslist or locally. If they’re selling for enough to make it worth your while to listed, be sure you put the name clearly in the title and make your auction listing easy to read and understand. And always include a picture because Internet auctions with pictures get several times more bids than those without them.

Wireless Hot Spots

Wireless hot spots are those wonderful places where you can take your laptop or netbook and surf the web for free. “Free WI-FI” signs have gone up in a number of restaurants, cafes, libraries and other public places over the last few years to draw people who want to be able to get online. Even some fast-food restaurants now boast wireless hot spots, with McDonalds, Burger King and other restaurants jumping on board the free Wi-Fi bandwagon.

When you go somewhere with Wi-Fi like a restaurant or a café, you’re welcome to use your laptop and enjoy the service. While it’s not very good etiquette to go and order one coffee and sit there for 8 hours, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food and/or drink and sitting for while to use the free Wi-Fi.

Some places like Borders want you to stay for a long time. Borders is a bookstore with a built-in café where free wireless is available. Because the longer you stay in the store, the more likely you are to buy books, they’re known for their wireless hot spots and actively advertise them. Coffee shops and cafes that offer free wireless typically expect people to stay longer than they would in a typical restaurant or café because of the hot spot.

Local libraries typically have hot spots, too. You may need to ask at the desk when you go in for special password as some libraries change it each day. This is to keep people outside the library from being able to use their wireless connection. An unlocked wireless connection will often spread farther than the building, allowing people outside the business to tap into their connection for free. Most companies, however, who have wireless hot spots advertised have them set up so that they don’t reach beyond their walls far enough for that to happen.

Free Email Accounts

Everybody loves free things, but sometimes it’s better to pay for something than to choose something free and get exactly what you pay for. Emails accounts can be one of them. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) give you an email account as part of your Internet access plan. Those are typically the most reliable email accounts. But a free email account like one you get from Yahoo, Hotmail and Google have their place, too.  

If you want separate email accounts for things like family members, friends, “hobby” friends and work then free email accounts can be helpful. You might have your typical ISP email for family and close friends, one for people you met who have a similar interest in your hobby where you can have a bit of fun with the email address, and one through your ISP or a free email account just for work.Free emails are good for things like your online acquaintances. You might have an email called PartridgeFamilyFan@some free email or WorldofWarcraftMasterNo1@some free email You can have a lot of fun with this.

Choosing free emails for things like work might not be such a good idea. First of all, free accounts often have little support and fewer guarantees of service. If everything in your inbox suddenly disappears, you may not get much help from a free client. Through your ISP, however, you’ll download the emails and have them on your machine, instead of keeping them web-based in most cases. From there you can back them up if you choose. Free emails can be filtered into a client like that, it takes a little work.

You can also go overboard with free email accounts and end up with more than you can manage. Don’t splinter them too much or try to use too many for too many different things. Many free email accounts will clear out your account if you don’t login every couple of months, which could be frustrating if you’ve simply been forgetting to check one of your many email accounts.