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Cupcake Stands For Weddings

Cupcakes are now nearly as popular at weddings as traditional cakes.  There are a lot of different reasons for this.  They are much more affordable because they can be baked and decorated by the family, rather than a professional.  Cupcakes are much easier to plan since you bake as many as there are people who RSVP’d.  They also are much easier to work with since transporting a large cake is extremely difficult.  All of these things combined have made cupcake stands a very hot item, and in this post I want to help you figure out which one is best for your wedding, and offer some tips on decorating it.

The first step in picking out a cupcake stand is always figuring out how big it needs to be.  Stands come in sizes that range from a dozen cupcakes, all the way up to hundreds.  The layout of the place that you are to be wed at will also play a role in this because if you don’t have a lot of space you may need to opt for one large stand, instead of multiple smaller ones.

Wedding cupcake stands that aren’t designed to cupcake standhold a specific number of cupcakes are the best choice because they are normally much easier to decorate and are more versatile.  Wire stands look great, but they tend to be more difficult to work with.

Cupcake stands can be decorated any number of ways.  One of the easiest is to get fabric that matches the wedding’s colors and cut pieces out to drape on the stand.  Highlights can be created with contrasting ribbon or flowers.  Many people will decorate theirs in a similar fashion as the head table’s centerpiece.

There are a lot of different styles of cupcake stands, but only a few work really well for a wedding.  The key points that you are looking for are size, shape, and ease of decoration.  Getting all three of those will make sure that you have the perfect stand for your wedding!

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The Health Benefits of Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein powder is known for excellent ability to help build and repair muscle after exercise. In fact is the single best source of protein that we know of today for building muscle which explains its popularity as a sports and weight training supplement. In addition to this there are also some lesser known health benefits of whey protein powder. So lets take a look.

Weight Management
Whey protein powder, especially more pure forms like whey protein isolate, are pretty much protein and very little else, except for a very small percentage of fat and sugar (whey is extracted from milk). This makes whey a good food choice for aiding in dieting. Protein requires more calories to digest than carbohydrates or fat, which helps in weight loss. The kinds of amino acids that make up whey protein also focus on building lean muscle mass because they digest easily and are taken directly to the muscle rather than being turned into and stored as fat

Helps with Diabetes
Eating more protein based meals is naturally more beneficial for our blood sugar levels than eating carbohydrate heavy meals. Protein digests more slowly and of course is not made up of any kind of sugar. Protein also has the distinct advantage of slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates that are eaten along side it. Therefore, whey protein powder, being pretty much protein and nothing else can be used wisely as part of a diabetic menu.

Boosting Glutathione Levels
Glutathione is an antioxidant that is made within every one of the cells in our body, provided we are not deficient in any way. The antioxidant power of glutathione is so potent it is often called the ‘master antioxidant’. As the only antioxidant that lives deep inside cells it is vitally important at protecting us against oxidative damage caused by whey protein powderfree radicals actually inside our cells. Other kinds of antioxidants operate else where in the body, so this inner cellular protection is solely the responsibility of glutathione! This protective function provided by glutathione is actually so important that levels of glutathione in the body is the best indicator we have of actually predicting how long we live!

Fortunately whey protein powder can actually increase the amount of glutathione in our bodies and cells. This is important as it is considered by some health professionals that many of us have sub par levels of glutathione. Whey protein achieves this effect because it contains very high levels of the amino acids that are needed to create L-glutathione (the active form of glutathione) in our cells. However, a specific kind of pure whey protein powder must be used to provide this effect and that is non-hydrolysed whey protein powder.

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What is XanGo Juice?

XanGo juice, a product created from the mangosteen fruit, allegedly has a number of health benefits. You should note that in 2006 the FDA basically told the makers of this juice that they needed to stop making health claims about their product. Their website today makes many claims, however. And they have an entire section on the science behind it. (Of course, underneath all the articles talking about the health benefits of the juice and the fruit that it’s created from there are disclaimers saying how the FDA has not evaluated the truth of any of this. So maybe you can claim whatever you want as long as you make sure that people don’t think the FDA agrees?)

XanGo juice gets its funny name because of the substance that’s found in the mangosteen fruit called xanthones. Studies suggest that this substance helps a variety of bodily functions. It’s supposed to help get rid of those pesky free radicals that we know are bad for us. It’s supposed to help boost your immune system and help your intestinal health so you digest better and absorb nutrients better. The claims are that it can help allergy sufferers and help people’s respiratory system stay healthy as well as help joints stay loose and functional.

According to the claims, there are many other health benefits to both mangosteen fruit and the XanGo juice that’s produced from them. The xango juice mangosteenfruit typically grows in Southeast Asia and it’s a dark, striking purple color on the outside but when you open the fruit you’ll see the white pulp. It’s a dramatic looking fruit that’s apparently delicious and supposedly very healthy. Since most fruit is healthy because it contains lots of nutrients as well as important fiber, the benefits of eating the fruit aren’t in question. How much of all the other amazing benefits that they claim that you actually get from the XanGo juice is, at least according to FDA, still up in the air.

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The Keurig Brewer is Quick and Convenient Keeping A Quality Standard

The Keurig Brewer has rightfully gained its name in the coffee making market for some time now. Introduced to the public market in 1998, the Dutch word for excellence “Keurig” is what this company has committed to offering the customer.  This is one single cup brewer that will not leave you disappointed.

It is true that there are always copycat versions that arise after a innovative product has hit the shelves. However, if you are in the market for a new coffee brewer, do not look any further than the Keurig K Cup Coffee Brewing System. Other cup at a time brewers will be a waste of your time and money leaving you wishing you had purchased the best, first.

You are probably wondering what makes the Keurig Brewer different than their competitors? First and foremost this brewer is made to precisely but efficiently prepare your cup of coffee, tea or cocoa keurig brewerquickly without loosing quality along the way. Second, the list of product manufactures that have associated themselves with this brewer are ones made up of excellent companies.

The Green Mountain Coffee Roasting Company has put a large portion of their companies efforts into the manufacturing of the small yet innovative coffee, tea and cocoa cups. Stop by their website to discover the many products available for you to enjoy. There is a coffee, tea or hot cocoa to please even the pickiest drinker!

The K Cup is a unique and exciting new way to prepare your hot or iced beverage at home or in your office. To prepare a drink with the brewer, first be sure to fill your water reservoir. When you have chosen the coffee, tea or cocoa you would like to drink, place it into the dispenser and close the lid. Next, place your cup underneath the brewer and press the on button. As you wait the mere seconds of brewing time for your drink to be brewed, you can be assured that the Keurig company has programmed the brewer to prepare your drink with excellence first and foremost.

Keeping such a high quality standard, the K Cup Coffee Maker will satisfy even the pickiest coffee connoisseur. If you have not purchased this unique and convenient coffee maker for yourself, do not waste another moment, but purchase one today.

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Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Cuisinart is a name with a quality reputation, so the purchase of a Cuisinart coffee maker is a good investment. People who love coffee want a coffee machine that’s reliable. There are few things worse than waking in the morning and not being able to have your caffeine when you want it! If you purchase a coffee maker for $10, you’ll have coffee on the cheap but for how long? And how inconvenient can it prove to be?

I recently purchased a $10 Rival brand coffee maker, even though I had my eye on the much more expensive Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker. It turns out that I did get what I pay for–the very basics, nothing more, and not much quality at that.

The $10 coffee maker makes coffee. Why did a purchase a cheap coffee maker? I just didn’t want to spend too much money on something like that if I could help it. But after using it one time I can see why it wasn’t a great choice, even for only $10. There are no rubber pads or grips on the bottom so the coffee machine slides on the counter. Because it’s one of those stop-brew machines where the pot pushes up on a release button on the filter to let the brewed coffee flow into the pot, so that the brewing stops when you remove the pot and you don’t have to wait for the whole thing to finish, it’s a bit hazardous to pour a cup anytime.

I have to be extra careful not to pull the coffee machine off the counter when I’m removing the pot! That seems like a safety issue to me, and something they should have included even if they couldn’t sell the thing for $10.

The pot is also poorly designed. To pour water into the machine or coffee into my cup I have to pour it in a trickle because the pour lip is so narrow. Anymore than that and the coffee goes too wide and runs down the pot. And if the pot is full, pouring in a stream to prevent this actually causes it to run right down the edge of the pot because the lip doesn’t go far enough away from the pot. This is frustrating and messy enough that I won’t be using my $10 money-saving Rival appliance for very long.

I should have chosen a Cuisinart because all of these issues are taken care of. The pot won’t drip and the whole appliance won’t slide on the counter. And a Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker goes even further than just being a quality way to make coffee. The machine grinds beans as well, giving you fresh brewed coffee every time.