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NFL and NCAA Merchandise from

Grab a Florida Gators stadium seat to soften up those bleachers. Not a Florida Gators fan? How about Crimson Tide, Wildcats, Bears, Hoosiers or Dukes? Whatever collegiate sports you prefer, you can find great gear for yourself and gifts for family and friends that show off your school pride or your team allegiances. Whether you want a Florida Gators picnic basket or a BBQ tool kit, you can find it at Outdoor Posh, your one-stop shop for sports gear, tailgating supplies and grilling tools.

In addition to the NCAA gear, you can also find official NFL team logo gear like picnic baskets, picnic coolers, and many of the same items you can find with collegiate logos. Packers, Cowboys, Bengals, Rams and all your favorite teams are represented in almost 1000 items bearing NFL logos.

If you’re not a sports fan, you can find the same items available on the site without logos, usually in a variety of colors or styles. Things like portable BBQ grill and cooler combos, easy-to-carry coolers, picnic baskets, wine totes, cutting board/wine and cheese tool combos and more are available this holiday season and year round for gift-giving and stocking your own home with great gear to make picnicking, tailgating and sport-watching more fun.

Visit Outdoor Posh today for all your holiday gift-giving needs and skip the crowded malls and department stores!

Cheap Coffee Grinders for the Home

It’s essential for a coffee nut to allow some space for a quality coffee grinder on their kitchen countertop if they want to wake up to the best brew possible every morning. But this can be a problem if their bank balance doesn’t allow them to purchase the device that lives up to their expectations.

Well, that might not be a problem any more because Krups have taken steps to solve this dilemma. This is a brand which offers a wide range of cheap coffee grinders that not only cost less but also work great.

First off you need to know what type of grinders are best as everyday home appliances. There are blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade grinders chop the coffee beans giving you big bits and small chunks whereas burr grinders crush them resulting into a more refined ground. Blade grinders are faster and require less time to clean whereas burr grinders have the opposite features in this case
krupps coffee grinder
Krup Fast Touch 203 grinder has an estimated costs of $22.51, is small in size and just perfect for folks with limited budget. It is a simple and dependable automatic drip coffee maker. You can choose whether you want it in white or black color. A soaked towel is all it takes to clean out the residue.

The cheapest of the burr designs offered by Krups is the Krups Expert Coffee Grinder which estimates to $40. It allows 17 different settings and can assist a French press or Espresso makers. It gives fine coffee ground, retains the aroma and avoids over heating. It allows you to grind coffee from 2 to 20 cups.

It’s advisable to take a good look around the stores or to search the web before you shop for your coffee grinder. While the market offers many quality products at a high price there are also some nice device at discount prices if you know where to look.

Now it’s up to you whether you want a faster coffee grinder or a more refined version that might cost a little more.


Cheap Rice Cooker Information

Now a days many people make their own great foods at home. Many opt to get a cheap rice cooker to give them a wider range of cooking options. These machines are actually quite versatile and can be used for much more than just cooking plain white and brown rice. With a rice cooker you are able to make a host of different dishes. For example, steel cut oats, hot pots and of course any kind of rice you want.

There are many different companies that make these machines. Many of them are Japanese electronics firms. They are famed for producing the best rice cookers. Zojirushi, Tiger and Sanyo are some of the best brands that you can get. However these ones are not particularly cheap. So if you want a low cost Japanese rice cooker, perhaps you should look at the Panasonic SRG06FG. This device can often be found for less than $20. Of course there are other brands that you can get too. The U.S. manufacturers Aroma and Black and Decker are another two choices that you have.

Just do a search on the internet for “cheap rice cookers” and you will be able to find out about a range of different models.

What I love about these sorts of machines is that while they are rice cookers, they are actually much more than that. You can use them to cook soups and stews too. On top of this, why not try making some steel cut oats for breakfast? Or a hot pot for dinner? They are versatile and are only limited by your own imagination. It is feasible to use a cheap rice cooker every day of the week and still maintain a varied and well balanced diet. Rice is very good for our health and delicious too.

Buy A Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker

Would you like to buy a Zojirushi NS-ZCC10? Keep on reading to find out more about this unit.

The Japanese company Zojirushi, meaning “The Elephant Brand,” produces top quality kitchen appliances — and became famous because of that. You can find products such as electric kettles, bread makers, and also electric rice cookers. They have the largest market share in a country known for having very demanding customers. Rice is a major staple food in Japan and its preparation is taken very seriously. As a result, rice cookers are present in the vast majority of the households.

They developed an export version featuring their best technologies, along with programming modes and menus in English. It is the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 rice cooker, with a capacity for 5.5 cups of raw rice. This is the ideal measure for a family of 3-6 people and it can feed up to 10 people comfortably, so you can have visitors and serve rice for everybody.

The Neuro Fuzzy technology is quite new. That, along with a special inner bowl design, consistently brings even cooking to your rice batches. The Neuro Fuzzy makes small adjustments in the temperature, and the special bowl design distributes the heat evenly. Both features result in fluffier rice, according to rice cooker reviews.

Cleaning and maintaining the NS-ZCC10 is a breeze. Both the inner bowl and the inner lid are removable and washing them is very easy, also because of the excellent non-stick coating. Is you need to get rid of dust or food spills in your unit, all you need to do is to wipe it clean.

It is about time you should stop trying to make rice in a saucepan. Japan is a busy nation and the Japanese typically eat rice every day. The amount of time you will gain in the kitchen, both by not having to pay attention to the rice and by spending less time doing the dishes, will allow you to make tastier, healthier food. Cooking at home like that is much better both for your pocket and your family’s health.

Make an Impression with Blooming Tea in a Glass Tea Pot

Blooming or flowering tea is a special type of tea originating from China which is perfect for use to serve to a guest or for special occasions. This tea consists of a small bundle of tea leaves, flowers and other dry ingredients which unfurls in hot water to look like a beautifully blooming flower. The tea produced by these bundles has a wonderfully light perfumed taste and of course looks very impressive when served to guests.

There are several types of blooming tea available to buy which all look and taste different. Common flowers used include jasmine, chrysanthemum, lily and hibiscus. The color and the taste of the tea will vary depending on the type of tea you choose.

To really appreciate flowering tea, you need to use a glass tea pot so you can watch the tea unfurl and brew within the pot. Glass tea pots are glass tea potwidely available from department stores and many online stores and range from inexpensive to top of the range designer versions. You don’t have to use them only for blooming tea – normal tea also looks great being brewed in a glass tea pot and helps you to appreciate your drink that little bit more.

You can usually brew several pots of tea from one tea bloom by adding extra boiling water to the pot, as these teas do not become too strong or bitter from longer brewing times. This means that while blooming tea is more expensive than regular tea, you can get a lot of cups from each bundle.

Flowering tea makes a great impression with guests, especially if they have never seen it before. Use really nice tea sets and tea pots and they’re sure to remember your hospitality.

You can buy blooming tea from various websites specializing in tea online and often buy sets including various types of flowering tea and a glass tea pot for brewing.


Juicing for Better Health and Nutrition

Having a good diet is without a doubt the cornerstone of a healthy life. Everybody knows that eating several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day is very important. However, this is easier said than done – busy jobs, family commitments and generally busy lifestyles make it very hard to cook good healthy meals.
masticating juicer
If you feel frustrated by your inability to eat well, perhaps it’s time you considered naturally supplementing your diet. I am not talking about artificial supplements pills or powders here, but rather, natural fruit and vegetable juices.

Fresh juice contains all the goodness of the original ingredients, minus the effort of having to chew it all up. Sure, you can snack on a plate of carrot sticks, or have some salad with your lunch, but how much vegetable matter you really getting? With a juicer machine, you can quickly reduce several pounds of fresh fruits or vegetables to several glasses of delicious and easy to drink juice.

Drinking one or two glasses of juice daily can work wonders for your heath.

Selecting a good juicer machine is crucial to making the best juice. There are two main types of machines available, the benefits of which will discuss below.

1. the first type of Machine is commonly known as a centrifugal juicer. These are the kinds of juicers that you see in department stores for between $50 and $100. These machines are okay. They make quite a lot of juice in a short time and suit the average budget very well. However, the juice they produce is somewhat degraded in terms of nutrient and vital in content, due to the high speed processing that generates both feet and causes aeration.

2. The second type of machine is known as a masticating juicer. These machines are not as common, and tend to cost slightly more. They are generally not as popular because they are also not as fast a centrifugal juicers, however the juice they produce is better quality. The reason is that juice is extracted more slightly from ingredients, causing no heating or mixing of air. These juicers are also more versatile, being able to process foods such as nuts and beans to form foods such as peanut butter, pastes and dips. They are the machine of choice for health food enthusiasts.

While most consumers will choose the cheaper centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer can be the best choice if you are serious about your health and joy making as many foods as possible at home. One of the most popular masticating juicers is the Angel juicer, which is able to make juice, peanut butter, soy milk, as well as cold pressed seed oils from linseed and flax seeds. Although this juicer is quite expensive, it is definitely worth considering if you want the ultimate all in one kitchen gadget.

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Boost Your Fibre Intake with a Healthy Smoothie

If you are thinking that your fibre intake needs to increase, then a smoothie is a great way to achieve this.  Smoothies contain the whole fruit goodness of fruit, whizzed to a pulp and contain soluble fibre which not only helps to lower cholesterol levels but also helps to regulate our blood sugar levels and helps us to avoid those ‘slumps’ when we reach for the biscuits or sweets to give ourselves a boost again.

In the long term, the Insoluble fibre contained in smoothies is even more important as it can help us to reduce our risk of developing very serious conditions that affect our digestive systems, such as bowel cancer.  Insoluble fibre helps our bodies to produce more bulky stools that are softer to pass and thus help us to avoid constipation and piles (haemorrhoids).

It is very important to remember that if you are increasing your fibre intake, you need to increase your fluid intake at the same time as fibre soaks up water and could make you feel a little dehydrated if you do not.  The current recommended daily intake of fibre is set at about 38 grams per day for men (reducing to 30 grams for men over 50) and 25 grams per day for women (reducing to 21 grams per day for women over 50).

Nutritionists recommend that you should not try to boost your fibre soluble fiberintake by increasing your consumption of wheat bran too much.  It is not commonly known that the phytates in wheat bran can effectively rob our bodies of vital minerals as they bond to them in our bodies and make them unable to be absorbed.  This is another reason to turn to smoothies for your additional fibre as fruits and vegetables are accepted as the best source of dietary fibre, along with nuts and seeds which can also be added to your smoothie.

To avoid feeling bloated and the embarrassment and discomfort of flatulence, increase your fibre intake gradually, in small steps, giving your body several days between each addition so that it can adjust to this new and healthier way of eating.

A smoothie maker will be a good investment as you will know the exact ingredients and be able to calculate the fibre content accurately as part of your recommended daily intake.  Enjoy your smoothies and look forward to a healthier you!

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MREs for All Emergency Situations

Would you be insulted if somebody asks if you are capable of providing the basic necessities of life for your family such as food, water and shelter? It might sound like an odd question but imagine if there is an emergency disaster. That question suddenly is not so simple anymore.

In an emergency disaster whether it is manmade or an occurrence of nature, we still need to be prepared. Most governments would agree that in order to deal with an emergency, every family should have a 3 day supply of food and water. Moreoever, you should also have a first aid kit, blankets, radio, flashlight and batteries on hand.

The latter part of the list is not so difficult to prepare but with food items, you need to consider your strategy of storage. Obviously, you don’t want to store perishable food items and you also want to make this as easy as possible – just buy and forget. Canned goods are a good option but then you need a can opener and unless you can stomach eating food cold, that might not be ideal either.

mre mealsOne solution to emergency rations that is practical and easy to prepare are meals ready to eat or MREs. At first, these food packages were designed for military use but you can also buy MRE meals for civilians as well. These are also great for camping and backpacking purposes because it is a complete meal including drink that can be eaten hot or cold beecause it even includes its own heating element.

If stored properly and in the right temperature conditions, MRE packages can be good for up to ten years. However, as mentioned, you might be eating the meals before the expiry dates just because they are so convenient when going outdoors. If this is the case, all you need to remember is to replenish your stock of MREs.

Therefore, if you love your family and want to provide for them in all occassions, look for MREs on sale at your local camping store or even online. They are ideal for all types of situations.

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Replacing Charmglow Grill Parts

A grill is very handy to have in the kitchen or out the backyard. It is much easier to cook in them and they provide delicious mouth watering foods. Though charcoal BBQ grill produces the best flavor, stainless steel gas grills such as a Charmglow grill makes grilling more convenient and efficient. It is much easier to use and can accommodate and serve a lot of guests, which perfect for your outdoor social gatherings or backyard barbecue parties. But like many other stainless steel BBQ grills, regular use of them can sooner wear them out. Then you will be on the market for Charmglow grill parts.

There are a variety of Charmglow grill parts that you may consider replacing after using it for so long, and most of them may be:

1. Igniters – Sooner or later your automatic igniter would fail and will need replacing. It is the most common and the easiest to replace.

2. Burners – You won’t have trouble to find burners because they are commonly the ones getting replaced; whether the main burners or just the side burner.

3. Plumbing parts – Gas lines and hoses on the grill must be regularly checked for brittleness or wear. It is important to replace them in order to prevent gas leak that can cause accidents.

4. Warming racks – They are available with a stainless or porcelain finish and have sizes that vary depending on your grill.
barbecue grill
5. Cooking Grids – Just like racks, they are available in stainless and porcelain finish. How long it lasts depends on how much it is used and maintained.

6. Rotisseries – They actually rarely wear out. But if one does, it should be understandable to replace them. You can also buy additional rotisseries as an accessory.

7. Nuts, bolts, and other parts – Small parts such as nuts and bolts might break or corrode in time. If they do then replace them. They will be easy to replace, just make sure you buy the right sizes.

These are the common Charmglow grill parts that are usually replaced. They are essential in order to have your barbecue grill last for a long time. And then you may also enjoy a great barbecue for more days to come

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How to Deal with Your Emotional Eating

This article will help you to deal with emotional eating and will help you to break free from its grip. You will learn 7 smart and effective strategies to help you do just that. Here they are:

1–Determine if you are really hungry

If you realize that you aren’t hungry and that you shouldn’t eat when you are not hungry, you will be less likely to emotionally eat. To determine your hunger, rate it on a scale of 1 to 5. Make a rule of it to only eat when your hunger is a number 3-5. With all the other numbers, have a glass of cold water or chew on a carrot instead.

2–Avoid cravings and hunger pangs

To help you with cravings and hunger pangs, check out the help of low carb diet products – just read the precautions before you use them.

3–Have healthier versions of food

Try to substitute your emotional eating foods with healthier versions – that way you won’t feel as bad afterwards.

4–Find alternative comforts

Realize that you don’t have to comfort yourself with food and that there are lots of other ways that you can comfort yourself. Try exercise, TV, shopping, sex, massage/spa treatments and flowers.

5–Wait before indulging

Make a rule to wait at least 15 minutes before indulging in your emotional trigger food – this may cause you to forget about it and to not eat emotionally.

6–Think about how you will feel afterwards

Remind yourself of the fact that you will feel worse after emotional overeating. Hopefully that fact will make you think twice about eating emotionally.

7–Have half a portion and go exercise

emotional eatingTo save your waistline, have only half of your emotional eating food and go exercise the extra calories off with a fitness machine or take a walk.

If you implement these tips next time that you want to emotionally eat, you will be on your way to overcoming your emotional eating. Just be patient as you will not overcome it with one try.

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