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NFL and NCAA Merchandise from

Grab a Florida Gators stadium seat to soften up those bleachers. Not a Florida Gators fan? How about Crimson Tide, Wildcats, Bears, Hoosiers or Dukes? Whatever collegiate sports you prefer, you can find great gear for yourself and gifts for family and friends that show off your school pride or your team allegiances. Whether you want a Florida Gators picnic basket or a BBQ tool kit, you can find it at Outdoor Posh, your one-stop shop for sports gear, tailgating supplies and grilling tools.

In addition to the NCAA gear, you can also find official NFL team logo gear like picnic baskets, picnic coolers, and many of the same items you can find with collegiate logos. Packers, Cowboys, Bengals, Rams and all your favorite teams are represented in almost 1000 items bearing NFL logos.

If you’re not a sports fan, you can find the same items available on the site without logos, usually in a variety of colors or styles. Things like portable BBQ grill and cooler combos, easy-to-carry coolers, picnic baskets, wine totes, cutting board/wine and cheese tool combos and more are available this holiday season and year round for gift-giving and stocking your own home with great gear to make picnicking, tailgating and sport-watching more fun.

Visit Outdoor Posh today for all your holiday gift-giving needs and skip the crowded malls and department stores!

Be Scratch Free with a Screen Protector

Keeping a display screen scratch free can be a major headache and everyone wants to keep their new device looking good for as long as possible. Unfortunately the only way to really do that is to leave it in the box, in the protective wrapping and never use it. It will look nice, but you didn’t spend the big bucks on it to leave it in the box. The next best way to protect your lcd screen is with an lcd screen protector. They are available from many places, from Amazon to Zagg and all of the letters in between. There can be a wide discrepancy in quality of screen protectors so take some time to read the descriptions before buying to get the one that suits your device and budget

Many of the new touch screen cell phones are sold with a screen protector as an option and as Verizon just recently replaced my phone with a new Motorola Droid, the screen protectors available from the wireless companies and sold in their stores can usually be found a lot cheaper elsewhere. Since the Droid screen protector was thrown in as part of the package deal it wasn’t too bad, but if bought separately the price would have been excessive.

Time and use will show how much you need protection on the display and if you don’t get it, you will probably regret it enough to get it on the replacement device. Many of those devices with lcd screens are small and carried around a lot and that means that despite our best efforts they get dropped a lot too. How many times has your cell phone hit the concrete getting into or out of a car? Mine has done it way too often and I’m trying to be careful.

An LCD screen protector would also make a great gift for grandma or grandpa, they aren’t too expensive and if you apply it for them you’ll earn extra good behavior points.

Using Your Pink Digital Camera

If you’ve recently purchased a pink digital camera then you’ve probably already spent lots of time taking photos and checking out its impressive set of features. If this happens to be your second or third camera purchase, perhaps you’re impressed with how well the camera performs. You may not think that you need any tips on how to use your camera, though there are a few simple things you can do to improve your photos while having more fun taking them.

If you take a look around at how people use their cameras, you’re likely to see people taking snapshots of just about anything. Most people pay very little attention to how they frame their subject or the type of lighting that’s available, though these two considerations are of particular importance if you’re looking to take effective and memorable photos. Consider some of the tips below when taking your next set of photos with your new pink camera –

•    Know the Basics – it’s essential that you have a basic grasp of composition, which is a fancy way of referring to how the main subject of your image is framed. In addition to composition, it’s good to have some knowledge of proper lighting and of the basic workings of your camera.
•    Be Ready – much of what it takes to capture a great photo involves being ready when situations present themselves. This can be particularly true when taking photos of live subjects such as pets or children, though it can also hold true when attempting to capture the pink digital cameraperfect sunset.
•    Try New Things – don’t be afraid to experiment in the digital darkroom using black and white image techniques. It’s also a good idea to switch between vertical and horizontal image capture.
•    Get Out There – you’re probably not going to capture many interesting images while sitting on your couch or at the computer, so get out there and start shooting.

The information presented above is meant to provide you with some basic suggestions for using your new pink camera. For more tips, please visit your source on the web for all things related to digital cameras in pink at Pink Digital Camera Review.

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Empowering Your Current Satellite Dish with a Quad LNB

Normally, if you own a satellite dish for use with your television, you will have a box that is either attached to or in the dish, which goes by the acronym LNB. These letters stand for “low noise block” and this is what enables your dish to accept the signal from the satellite, which is slightly weakened due to distance, and convert it into a stronger signal that basically gives you the opportunity to view what the satellite is programmed for, on a per “channel” basis.  Many people become frustrated that this cannot be done with more than one television within a home, however there is now an alternative that offers the ability to use up to four televisions from the same satellite dish and it is not that costly  – the quad LNB is here.

The “quad” part of this box, refers to the number of signals that it can provide; four. Each box, has a decibel rating and the lower the rating, the better the product. Prices range from $10-$250, so it is important to select a good box that will work for many years.  Selecting a good box is not as easy as it seems, since there are not well-known companies selling them.  There are known brands, and many are available through sites like Ebay and Amazon.

The best way to determine whether or not a quad LNB is ultimately the best for you, as well as what kind of box to purchase, is to go online and see what others are saying about them. People will normally discuss exactly what is on their minds, especially when it comes to having parted with good money for a device that should work. Beware of those who are just there to either promote or debunk a product, as well.  Alternatively contact a satellite dish provider in your area to discuss the options.

A Classic Gadget Your Kids Will Love: The Walkie Talkie

If you are looking to buy your kids a fun toy that can also be quite useful you can’t go wrong with sticking to the classics. Manufacturers have been making the kids walkie talkie for a long time now and they work quite well for their price point. They even come in branded designs to align with your kids tastes. If he likes GI Joe they have walkie talkies branded for GI Joe. And for the girls they have options branded for them too.

kids walkie talkieIn fact this technology is mature enough to have products that will grow with your children. You can get devices made for toddlers and young kids just as easily as you can ratchet up the quality scale and get higher end deices for your older kids who might be into hiking or outdoor activities. Walkie talkies are always beneficial for these types of activities as they don’t rely on cell phone coverage. So long as you are in range you are in contact.

These gadgets have stood the test of time as a fun piece of equipment suitable for play or function. They are a safety device if used properly and can be used for many fun things kids like to do when goofing off. Just make sure you have all the accessories to make your gadget last a bit longer and be a bit more enjoyable. Keep extra rechargeable batteries on hand, get a walkie talkie headset, and a hip holster and your kids should be able to have fun wherever they go.

The best part of this kind of toy for your kids however is the fact that the walkie talkie can be repurposed as a functional tool for the family if a two way radio is ever needed. You may not want to spend hundreds on a professional model just in case you need it but having a cheap device on hand will give you and your family more options in the event that two-way communication is needed.

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Some Benefits of Using Wall Speakers

For those of you who have never come across wall speakers before, this type of speakers are mounted on a flat surface like a wall or a ceiling.

With the advent of home theatre systems, wall or in-wall speakers have become popular all over the world. Apart from being easy to hide, these speakers also have the advantage of not using up any floor space. Traditional speakers are set up on floors and take up much floor space.

If you wish to hide the speaker from other people’s view, simply paint the grille and frame of the speaker the same color as the mounting area. When you buy a wall speaker, you will be given a grille and a frame as well. You have these items to mount the speaker in a wall cavity, floor or ceiling.

The speaker system can be used to give proper sound system for your home theater system. You can also use it to give audio sound for your whole house. In general, sealed, semi-sealed and open back are three of the main types of wall speaker systems.

In terms of disadvantages of using such a speaker system, you cannot change the place of the speaker system once you finish mounting it. Sometimes, there is diffraction loss, affecting the performance of the speakers. In order to make up for the disadvantage of resetting the location, some manufacturers offer pivotal mounts. You can use one to point the speakers into the direction you want.

Check the size of the wall cavity before buying a wall speaker system. The quality of the system is important as well. Other factors like power handling, frequency response and efficiency should be considered as well. In short, there are many advantages in using this type of speaker systems. They are easy to install, flexible and compatible.

Some Funny Voice Ringtones Just Aren’t

Funny voice Ringtones have been around for quite a while now and most people have at least three or four favorites that they have had on their phone at one time or another. Some grab attention and then some grab the wrong attention. Applying special considerations about who will be around you when picking out your funny voice ringtones can save you considerable embarrassment.

You can never anticipate when you will receive a phone call and sometimes they can ring in at the most undesirable times. Having your cell phone ringer on and up loud can be helpful when in noisy outdoor situations, but what happens when you move from a noisy place to a quiet one and then your phone rings? The last thing anyone wants to hear is a gangster rap phone ringtone with swearing and other fanciful colorful words when in a business meeting or waiting in line at the bank.

Sure, anyone can take on the attitude that you could care less about what other people think, but being able to realize when you look totally out of place because of your cell phone ringtone and when


Rick Roll Ringtone

others snicker and point, it might just well be time to get another tone. Picking a ringtone that suite the people around you will carry you along way with your friend and with those around you in your environment.

Everyone likes to be unique and having a unique or even a funny ringtone can bring a laugh or two when heard. Being ultra safe and going with a g-rated ringtone selection or sticking with the company’s default ringtones is one of the choices you will make for your cell phone. If you leave your cell phone ringer on, please be considerate of what others will be subjected to when your cell rings. Read more and comment at YourRingtoneShop.

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What A GFCI Surge Protector Does

The GFCI surge protector is designed to protect items that you plug into them at the wall power source. These devices provide protection from power spikes as well as from ground faults. In fact, GFCI stands for Ground Fault Interruption Circuit. So you are probably wondering how this may benefit you and why you would be interested in using it. There are several reasons for this and to give you a better idea of what those are lets take a look at an example.

Since GFCI sure protectors are smart they can help with something that most everyone has these days. This happens to be the home computer. In order for your computer to work, you need to provide power to it. Since the majority of computer cases are made of metal this means that they are grounded. If you were to have some type of fault in your power source if you were then to touch your computer case you would likely receive a shock.

To prevent this from occurring you can use GFCI surge protection, which is designed to open up the circuit. This helps to cut the power and prevent injury to you. Not only does this protect against injury to yourself, but it can also save your expensive computer equipment from becoming damaged.

You will want to be careful using both a GFCI unit along with a regular surge protector because a line spike can cause the GFCI device to trip, which would open up the circuit again. To prevent this make sure to buy a combination device since these have been created to prevent this situation from happening. They are fairly inexpensive and can save you from a lot of hassle.

Overall protecting not only yourself, but also your electronics from damage is a very smart thing to do. Using the proper surge protector for electricity spikes is part of a good overall plan for safety. You never know when a line spike could occur especially if you live in an area with an older electrical grid that you are hooked into.

The HD Digital Video Camera

Digital video cameras are handy these days since they are so compact in size. You can take pictures and videos on one piece of equipment instead of having two different electronic devices. Some people use them for special occasions such as family outings and gatherings while for others it is used to make low budget films. Many low budget filmmakers used them before they became famous.

LCD screens are on most models so you have a way to see what you are recording and taking pictures of. They do use up batteries pretty quick and if you are going to be at certain places for extended periods of time, make sure to have a battery or two with you. You can also turn the screen around to see what you are doing. But try not to use it near daylight since the images can be difficult to view.

There are two types of zooms available on a digital hd camcorder. which is optical and digital. The digital zoom is mainly used in most cases but since it blows up the pictures, it can tend to make it blurry at times. hd digital camcorderGo with the optical when you can. There are two products that you can store videos and pictures on: disc and tape. Hard disk drive cameras and cam cards are the other two options. Figure out how you are going to store them before purchasing one either in person or online at an hd camcorder shop.

If you are going to go abroad, it is best to buy the digital video cameras while you are there since their output is seemingly different. For example, America uses the NTSC and in Europe, the PAL system is preferred. Buying these things from abroad can be tricky.

You can purchase high definition digital video cameras at your local electronic stores as well. But each store has different name brand cameras and since they have a section for you to try out, take the time to test them before purchasing.

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Wii Guns for More Gaming Fun

Nintendo gaming consoles have always been well known for the great accessories that they launch. Take for example the classic NES console. Now when you think of Nintendo, your mind automatically starts thinking about Mario, but what really made the NES console a cult classic, was the gun attachment that came along with it.

I’m sure you remember the Duck Hunt game, right? Back then everybody fell in love with the game and how you could shoot at the ducks, using the gun, and how the dog retrieved them. You’re probably still thinking about those good old times right? Well there’s no reason why you can’t have the same fun again. The people at Nintendo recently launched a new and improved Duck Hunt game on the Wii.

Now as with many of the Wii accessories available in the market right now, it takes a bit of time to get accustomed to a Wii gun. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be killing cowboys and single handedly taking on entire Nazi battalions on your own! Wii guns are an excellent way to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable than it already was.
Wii guns
With the wide array of Wii guns available in the market you can play all your favorite games such as the Call of Duty series, the Resident Evil series and of course the ever popular Zelda series Wii guns are available in many different styles, from sleek sniper rifles, to bulky, sawed off shotguns there’s something on offer for everyone.

With more than 15 different types of Wii guns available, the choices are endless! No matter what type of games you prefer. Whether it’s the old cowboy shootout ones, or the war drama’s such as the Medal of Honor series, rest assured there’s a Wii gun out there that is sure to meet all your requirements. Wii guns are one of the most widely sold Wii accessories and are easily available online and video game stores across the nation. So get your Wii gun right now and get the most out of your First Person Shooter games, from zombies to rodents, with your very own Wii gun, you’ll be blasting them all to smithereens.

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