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Electric Scooters or 50cc Mopeds, Which is Better?

In the past few years there has been a huge rise in the number of people using motorcycles, scooters and mopeds to get to work. This makes a lot of sense. They use hardly any gas so are cheap to run. In crowded cities such as London they are also great because they can nip through the traffic and are free to park. The other great thing about 50cc mopeds is that they are really easy to ride and in many places you can ride one without getting a special license. If you can drive a car you are allowed to ride a moped. So it is no surprise that they are rapidly growing in popularity. But another sort of two-wheeled vehicle is also growing in popularity lately and that is the electric moped (or electric scooter).

My attention was drawn to these recently because I noticed a small motorcycle parked downstairs in my apartment building with a wire running to it. I just guessed that my neighbour’s new motorcycle had flattened its battery. But then I saw that it was on charge every night. After looking a bit more closely I realized that this was not a gasoline-powered motorbike but an electric one. Now the advantage of electric bikes is that they are even cheaper to run than gas ones. You can drive an electric scooter for pennies a day, which compares favourably with even the low running costs of normal gas mopeds. also have the same road rules as many mopeds, which means they have limited power but you don’t have to take an extra test to be able to use them on the road. The question then comes up as to which is better.

The first prerequisite of an electric scooter is that you have off-road parking where you can get a power cable to it. It is possible to do what my neighbour has done and run a cable from the second floor of an apartment block, but I would not recommend doing so. The next requirement is that you know you will only use it for short city commutes of fixed distance. That is because if you go to far and run out of charge you can’t just fill up again but will have to call a tow truck. So in the event that you have to go long distances then a normal motorcycle that runs on gas is probably a better option for you. Still, check out whether an electric option is good for you. They are not only cheap to run but are also good for the environment.


Buying Used Cars For Under 2000

The whole idea of trying to purchase used cars for under 2000 is highly commendable. I mean, when you consider the number of people who are having their cars repossessed due to defaulted payments it only makes sense. Cheaper alternatives are always a wise option in this highly technical world where money goes quicker than it comes. Anyway, if you have made up your mind about getting a cheap car then you must surely read on for compelling advice on how to tackle this simple task.

Buy a slightly damaged car for less than 2000 and try fixing it. This drastic measure might not seem like a good idea but believe me, it is. In more situations than one the cost of repairing a car that is faulty is actually lower than what you would have forked out for a similar model but in a better condition. But when you choose this route you must at least know what exactly is malfunctioning and find out how much it will cost to repair it. If you do not do this you might end up paying a lot more than expected.

I know remorse and pity are standard emotions but this does not mean you cannot offer an elderly person money for their car. Believe it or not but there are a lot of elderly people who simply do not have heirs and family members to give their assets to once they are too old. So ask around and see if you can lay your hands on one of these potentially amazing deals.

Auctions will forever be the best places to find and buy affordable goods. Read through newspapers, posters and pamphlets to find out where the next auction will be. Before going you must at least research as to the rules applicable to the particular auction you are attending. Used cars for under 2000 can be sourced from auctions if you are lucky.

Simple Ways To Treat The Fear Of Driving

It is funny how a road accident, a near miss or even a film that a person may have witnessed, involved in or watched as a kid can become such a big problem when they are grown. Most cases of people fearing to drive are caused by these past events and memories. The fear of driving is a very serious problem among many people today, where private transport is very important because people have very busy schedules and convenience and privacy is a major issue. Different people suffer the fear of driving a car phobia under different circumstances, while driving over bridges, in busy traffic, freeways, intersections, at night, through fog or in one way streets. As much as the fear of driving may seem simple, it is real and has the capability of ruining someone’s life socially and professionally.

Can you overcome the fear of driving?

That is the main question that people suffering from this condition ask themselves almost all the time. My first suggestion in the process of trying to overcome this fear is gain confidence in driving. If you have not driven much, take some driving lessons then a road test, pass it and when you have a license, half the battle will be won. Get a Frisbee to help you get the feel of a steering wheel in order to learn more how to control a car and get some virtual driving experience.

You can get a driving instructor or get help from a friend to instill more confidence in you while driving. Since the phobia of driving all happens in the mind, it can only be gotten rid of in the mind. Every time you think of driving or are driving, focus your thoughts on something else so as not to leave room for “what if’s” that often manifest to become negative thoughts and eventually fear.