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Design Your Own T-Shirts

If you want to design your own T-shirts, you may be hoping that you can profit from them. If not, and you’re just designing them for yourself, family or friends, then you really have fewer worries than the person trying to make a business of T-shirt design. You can get some inexpensive silkscreen equipment and make them yourself or you can just make the design and take it to a print shop.

If you plan to design your own T-shirts to sell, then you have quite a few steps ahead of you as it might be disappointing in the end if you don’t do your homework. First, do you know there’s actually a market for them? If only one or two people thought your idea was great, are you sure that other people are going to like it enough to buy a T-shirt? Do some research, ask around and spend a lot of time online looking at T-shirt shops that support a variety of designs. While there’s always room for one more, where will your product fit in?

How are you going to market them once you make them? Or how are you going to market it once you finalize the design? There are websites online where you can upload your design and have it printed on a variety of things from T-shirts to mugs to mouse pads. You can sell the products through those stores–they print them and mail them, and you get paid. That’s a good option for someone with limited budget.

Another important thing to consider if you want to design your own T-shirts is how much to charge. If you go through one of the stores that’s set up to print your items and sell them for you while paying you a percentage, the prices are pretty much set. If you’re going to be selling them locally or in your own store online or even in places like eBay, consider how much people are willing to pay for them. Why would they buy yours when they can buy a plain one or a mass-produced one for a certain price? Make your prices competitive but high enough that you’ll still make a profit.