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Using a Pencil Eyeliner vs. Liquid Eyeliner

There are many different types of eyeliner available out there. Sometimes it’s hard to know which one is for you. Eye makeup is usually the most noticeable part of your makeup look, so careful consideration should be used when choosing a product.

It’s hard enough choosing a color, but after that is done then you are faced with another option: Should you use liquid eyeliner or a pencil liner? We recommend using a pencil eyeliner for many different reasons. With pencil eyeliner you have many different options that you don’t have with liquid eyeliner. For example; liquid eyeliner is impossible to get on your lower lid and will most of the time bleed into your eye and run down your face making you botch up the entire make-up job. Liquid also doesn’t last as long and doesn’t come in as many colors as a pencil.

It’s also easier to learn how to apply pencil eyeliner than liquid eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner can be successfully used on your upper and lower lid with little or no trouble at all. People are going to tell you that sometimes the pencil won’t cover right, but I offer you a small trick when this happens. Simply use a cigarette lighter and wave it over the tip for a moment. This will soften the eyeliner inside and make it go on smoother.

This is not to mention the other great things about pencil eyeliner. It comes in a wider variety of colors than liquid so that you have more choice when accenting your face. It lasts longer than most liquid eye liners so you can keep it longer. Best of all, it’s usually cheaper so it is more cost effective to you. So, you can save money or you can have more colors to choose from when getting ready!

What is Smart Liposuction?

Smart Liposuction is an innovation in liposuction. Liposuction is a procedure wherein a cannula is inserted into the body.  It is performed by a licensed surgeon with these tools an aspirator and a cannula.  The cannula and aspirator are inserted into an incision where it vacuums out fat. The Smart liposuction uses the same principle, but improves on it with a laser.

It works by rupturing fat cells, which then creates an oily, liquid substance. This is then removed through a tiny incision in the skin. The best thing about the laser is that it can also seal blood vessels as it zaps fat, so there is less swelling, bleeding and bruising than with traditional liposuction.  The other benefits are that the surgery can be performed under local anesthesia.

The laser causes small blood vessels to clot immediately, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising. The very best thing about it is that there is a quicker recovery time than with conventional liposuction. The procedure is also very safe with only minimal side effects because a patient is not put under anesthesia.  The advantages of Smart Lipo are that you don’t have to go under anesthesia.  Another is that the scars from Smart Lipo are a fraction of the traditional method. The procedure is less taxing on the body.  Your recovery time is faster. The procedure is less invasive.  The cons are that it is new and hasn’t been around as long and traditional liposuction.  The disadvantage is that you can’t lipo as big of an area as you can with traditional lipo.  If you are looking for the above benefits, then SmartLipo may be the way to go.  It seems to be a great improvement over previous methods. Check out all of the facts before you jump into surgery.  Find out all of the information and ask all of the questions so that you can be informed.

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Perfume Review: Euphoria Men By Calvin Klein

Euphoria Men is a great perfume, although less known than other Calvin Klein perfumes like Eternity for men or CK IN2U for Him. The version for women is probably more popular and strangely enough, has a quite different style. Whereas the feminine fragrance is sweet and seducing, this one is fresh, young and very traditional.

The opening has citrus notes, with a green vetiver, very similar to Essenza perfume by Zegna. In this initial stage the fragrance is linear, with only few clear extra notes of pepper, ginger, and lemon. The spices are intense enough to be recognisable, but they never interfere with the basic freshness of the fragrance, that continues on to the medium phase, where it aggregates more Mediterranean notes of basil and a metallic sage. There is also an incipient note of leather in the background, which reminds of Jazz by YSL.

The base notes of this Calvin Klein perfume are quite traditional, following a style of soft woods, a hint of leather, patchouli and a sweet amber. The final is where there are more similarities with Euphoria for women, although the combination and the intensity of the notes are still very different.

Although it is a green and fresh fragrance, its use is not restricted to summer. The final classic notes of wood, although very soft, are perfectly at ease during the winter. For a daily use in the office, the medium phase projects a professional style, but the opening and the final make this Euphoria Men also a young and relaxed fragrance. For a night use it can work in informal night-outs with friends, where there is no need to draw attention, and on the romantic side it can be a nice fragrance for an established couple, but it lacks of the typical seductive notes that help on a first date.

Getting To Know Tumescent Liposculpture

Tumescent liposculpture is becoming more common these days. It’s a great procedure that has become a solution to removing fat deposits that can’t be more easily removed by regular diet and exercise. More and more people with cosmetic problems like double chins, big waists, or fatty deposits along their buttocks can avail of tumescent liposculpture to help them out with their aesthetic problems.

Tumescent liposculpture should not be misinterpreted as a way of losing weight. In fact, it is only advised for individuals who have an ideal or near ideal weight. The procedure is strictly used to remove minor amounts of fat and the surgeon artistically sculpts the remaining fat so that it looks cosmetically agreeable.

Tumescent Liposculpture is probably the safest form of liposuction available. It requires only local anesthesia and oftentimes, the patient needs to be conscious during the procedure so they can stand. Sculpting will be more efficient when the natural effects of gravity are considered. Being conscious during the procedure means you are not at risk for complications due to anesthesia. Complications often arise from staying unconscious during the procedure.

This procedure uses a cocktail of medications to help swell the area that needs to be repaired. A solution is injected to the skin to prepare the fat to be removed. Micro-cannulas are inserted to the skin and used to suck out the fat. These cannulas are so small that they barely leave scars or distinguishing marks after the procedure and healing is so quick due to the minuscule wounds. Usually, patients go back to work 2-4 days after the procedure.

The final results will be clear and permanent after 6 weeks from the date of the procedure. The whole thing may run more than $2000, depending on several factors. Overall, it is a procedure that can help you get that ideal body shape safely and effectively.

Be sure to use all the resources available to find out about Affordable Liposuction alternatives and for more useful, relevant information about whether Tumescent Liposculpture is right for you.

Typical Laser Hair Removal Cost

Dealing with unwanted hair can be tiring. No one is spared from this tiresome process of keeping unwanted hair at bay. Even supermodels need to make sure that the camera will not spot those hairs during a photo shoot. There is a wide variety of ways that you can get rid of unwanted hair. There are creams, lotions and razors, but these hair removal products are too costly. Also, a lot of these hair removal processes are only temporary. You should expect your hair to grow back in a couple of weeks. With laser hair removal, you will be able to achieve desirable results as this method is a method of permanent hair removal. Before you choose this method, you should first get an estimate of laser hair removal cost.

The price of laser hair removal can be really high but it is an effective way of removing body hair. You have to consult a physician for you to have a quote of the exact price. Flat fees are applied to every client regardless of the amount of hair to be removed. Per minute fees are based on how long the laser will be used. The typical time block for this is 10-15 minutes each. The session lengths will greatly depend on which body part the hair is going to be removed from.

Per pulse fees are calculated based on the number of pulses used. Individuals with light hair can benefit on this method because the laser will not be frequently pulsed. The number of pulses will again depend on the body part where the hair needs to be removed.

If you only need to remove unwanted hair on the smaller areas of your body, it can result to a lower cost. Removing unwanted hair on the underarms can cost you $ 250 to $350. If you want to make your bikini area more attractive, the price ranges from $350 to $500. Removing unwanted hair on the lower legs and thighs can cost $600 to $850 while removing hair on the face and neck costs $600 to $900. Naturally,  larger areas will cost more, but when you consider the time you save no longer having to shave and the money you save no longer buying shaving cream, razors, depilatories and other products, you might find the cost well worth it.

Can teeth whitening treatment be done at home?

Lots of people wish that they could afford to have teeth whitening treatment but unfortunately the cost is too expensive for them. However, people do have the choice of making their teeth whiter at a fraction of the cost if they do the treatment themselves. Of course the results will not be guaranteed to be as good as a proper dentist doing the treatment, but it will make a positive impact when one smiles.

Typically, teeth whitening products that are used at home are quite different to most other treatments – most notably because they do not require the specialist trays that many other techniques need. Furthermore, the tooth paint that is applied is placed directly on the teeth and acts like a white film as it sticks on it. There is also a wider variety of products that people can use – from the typical glues to gels being available to apply instead.

Now, there are quite a few good quality tooth whitening paints that can be used. One that has been developed by Colgate is very good since it used a carbamide peroxide agent that acts as a veneer on top of the tooth – the difference here being that most teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide (which is inferior and cheaper). The main reason why Colgate’s product has been such a success is because it has gained a huge backing from cosmetic dentists that their carbamide peroxide is the future; hydrogen peroxide no longer makes sense being used (especially because of the extra danger that it brings). Finally, all these teeth whitening products are typically quite easy to remove from the teeth as only a toothbrush needs to be used to brush the substance off.

Overall, teeth whitening products can be used at quite successfully to try and make the teeth look whiter – one should ensure that whatever product they use contains the carbamide peroxide agent to prevent long term damage being created.

Understanding Factors that Determine Liposuction Prices

When a person begins to consider liposuction surgery for themselves one of the first things they want to know is how much it will cost. There is no easy answer since it depends largely on so many factors that even with some knowledge about the individual the best answer would be an estimate based on averages. The biggest determinant would be the area of the body where the treatment is desired. But that is just relative to other things like the cost of the plastic surgeon and where the clinic is physically located.

Generally the cost depends on the amount of work required of the surgeon. This means a larger treatment area will typically cost more than a smaller area because the amount of fat to be removed will be greater. There are some particularities such as the delicate nature of certain treatment areas which will also influence the price for liposuction treatment.

Shopping for a liposuction surgeon is more than just trying to look for someone who offers the lowest liposuction prices. This can be a grave mistake since an undergoing a procedure performed by an under qualified plastic surgeon could significantly increase the risk of complications or side effects. It is important that you look for a plastic surgeon that is board certified and has plenty of experience in liposuction surgery and related procedures. If you cannot afford a decent plastic surgeon and you must have the procedure then consider liposuction financing for the difference between what you can afford now and the price of being treated by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Another important aspect is the geographical location of the clinic. The prices will always be a factor of the current cosmetic surgery market in that physical area and surgeons will charge what the market dictates. That is why for those living in densely populated areas can generally find a better price just commuting to a lesser populated area. This is a great way to save money without compromising the quality of service you will receive.

How to Choose the Right Slimming Undergarments for Your Body

Many women are having a hard time in choosing the right slimming undergarment because there are many products present in the market. There are many brands in the market that seem to offer the same benefits as one another so which is best? It is hard to know whether a specific type of slimming underwear is right for your body especially if you do not have any experience in wearing it. If you can relate to these problems then this article can help in your purchasing decision.

The first step in picking a shapewear undergarment is to look at the mirror and locate the problem areas of your body. This is important because there are all types of undergarments which target different areas of the body. You should also consider the design and the type of outfit that you will wear with the undergarment in order for you to choose the right style. There are undergarments that are above the knee if your outfit is a little bit shorter. There are other designs which address the whole body like the body suit which is from the ankle to the chest area. This design offers full body support if you need it..

There are also designs specific for soon to be mothers that cater to their concerns such as the safety of the growing baby inside of them and their aching backs. Expecting mothers often experience back pain because of the excessive weight that they carry and the control underwear industry addresses these issues. Shapewear undergarments support the body by supporting the back and abdominal muscles. As a result, you will be able to move more freely because of the lack of pain. The issue about the safety of the baby is also addressed by the manufacturers because this undergarment grows as the baby grows so you don’t need to worry if the growth of the baby might be compromised. Choose your pre-pregnancy size because the fabric that these manufacturers make is expandable.

Measure your body especially the problem areas and write it on paper for you to have a basis when choosing your size. Refer to the sizing chart of the manufacturers because they differ in measurements. Do not buy something loose or tight because you might not be comfortable wearing it.

These are simple techniques to pick the right slimming undergarment for your body.

Asian Makeup – Help with Finding the Best Foundation

If you are Asian, you probably realize how difficult it is to find a suitable foundation. There are, however, a number of key factors that can be used to aid finding the best foundation makeup online. The choice of powders and foundations available for purchase is often overwhelmingly large. While they all promise to provide even coverage, illuminating finishes and the newest technology, the likelihood of finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone is relatively slim. However, the range of foundations and powders available that are aimed at complementing and enhancing the appearance of Asian skin is ever increasing.

One Asian makeup online tip is to search for a foundation with yellow undertones. Such foundations will enhance the natural beauty of the skin. Makeup created for Caucasian skin features pink or red undertones and this feature renders it unsuitable for Asian women – it will either look too orange or white in appearance. This is because Asian skin contains more melanin and hence is not as fair in appearance as Caucasian skin.

Choosing the ideal color of foundation is all about selecting a shade which is as similar to your natural skin tone.  Foundation should be tested on the jaw line to ensure that it blends in adequately and does not leave an obvious line. Foundation should not be used to lighten or darken the skin tone as this will create the appearance of a mask!

If you require a foundation to cover an uneven complexion, a medium foundation will prove ideal as it will not look too thick in its appearance. In areas where extra coverage is needed, it is advisable to refrain from using heavy foundations and use an appropriate shade of concealer stick where it is most needed. Once the look has been completed, powder should be used to seal it in.

With a little experimentation, time and patience, the perfect foundation can be found. Asian makeup in the form of foundations and powders can enhance the natural beauty of Asian skin.

An Inexpensive Way to Change Your Appearance

Getting plastic surgery such as a nose job or a chin job to change your appearance could be out of your budget, but if the urge to look new or different is the only thing you want today then there is help.  You may be a candidate to try the new eyebrow implants procedure which has been gaining popularity each day. If you need proof on how changing the outline and structure of your eyebrows can make a new you, then try this simple experiment. Stand in front of the mirror and use a black magic marker to draw different eyebrow shapes. Observe how your facial features will change by simple changing the angle of the eyebrow’s hair line or increasing its size. A modest change can make you look a happy and positive person and by simply increasing in a different direction you will look more seductive.

There are some pointers that you need to know if you want to have this procedure. The hair being transplanted to your face is taken from your scalp. There is no donor and it is not artificial. Thus, there is no chance of rejecting the implants. The hair restoration surgeon will first get your hair follicles from the back part of your scalp. These hair follicles will be inserted into your eyebrow area. The surgeon will be very careful in placing the follicles so that the directional growth of the existing eyebrow hair and the implants will match. This is important for your eyebrow to have a natural-like appearance.

These eyebrow hair transplants will behave like a natural facial hair once they have adjusted and rooted in their new home. Also, there’s a tendency that the implants will grow faster than the facial hair you’re born with. So, trimming is necessary at least once a month. Aside from trimming for maintenance, the results from the procedure will appear very natural and people will notice the significant change in your facial features.