Carrying Out a Master Detox Naturally

People have been raving about the diets that make people lose weight in an instant for ages, but now the master cleanse and salt water flush detox has become popular. This type of flush comes with the claim that you can lose weight fast, naturally and get to cleanse the internal body at the same time, achieving many things at once. Most people who perform the master cleanse of the body do not do so to get rid of the toxins, stubborn fat and wastes in the intestinal tract but to lose weight. There are many detox diets especially in the Internet that claim to be effective, others advocating for the use of chemicals and other unorthodox ways to cleanse the body. However, the salt water flush is a chemical-free technique used to help cleanse the body and leave you clean, healthier, happier and less clumsy.

NOTE: If you have high-blood pressure problems, renal problems or you are not supposed to add salt to your diet, you should not use a saltwater flush as you will absorb sodium through the intestinal wall. And it’s recommended that you check with your doctor before trying any type of alternative medicine or therapy to make sure that it’s safe for you.

Some people who are in favor of these cleansing flushes claim that digestion problems and stomach disorders are caused by the fecal wastes that stick to the walls of the colon and remain there for so salt water flushlong that they decompose. They say that upon decomposing, these wastes will be absorbed as toxins into the blood system and will play a big role in affecting the normal operations of most other body organs including the skin, bladder, kidney and the lungs. They believe that this is why you need to detox the body thoroughly at least once every six months to stay clean and free of toxins.

If you choose to use the cranberry juice detox, it takes three days to carry out the colon cleanse. During this time, you will live on natural protein and green vegetables, mainly raw. For the three days, your internal body will be switched to detox mode and the cranberry juice will be used to loosen the wastes in the colon walls and fight the bacterial toxins in the blood.

Photo: Pink Sherbert Photography