Can teeth whitening treatment be done at home?

Lots of people wish that they could afford to have teeth whitening treatment but unfortunately the cost is too expensive for them. However, people do have the choice of making their teeth whiter at a fraction of the cost if they do the treatment themselves. Of course the results will not be guaranteed to be as good as a proper dentist doing the treatment, but it will make a positive impact when one smiles.

Typically, teeth whitening products that are used at home are quite different to most other treatments – most notably because they do not require the specialist trays that many other techniques need. Furthermore, the tooth paint that is applied is placed directly on the teeth and acts like a white film as it sticks on it. There is also a wider variety of products that people can use – from the typical glues to gels being available to apply instead.

Now, there are quite a few good quality tooth whitening paints that can be used. One that has been developed by Colgate is very good since it used a carbamide peroxide agent that acts as a veneer on top of the tooth – the difference here being that most teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide (which is inferior and cheaper). The main reason why Colgate’s product has been such a success is because it has gained a huge backing from cosmetic dentists that their carbamide peroxide is the future; hydrogen peroxide no longer makes sense being used (especially because of the extra danger that it brings). Finally, all these teeth whitening products are typically quite easy to remove from the teeth as only a toothbrush needs to be used to brush the substance off.

Overall, teeth whitening products can be used at quite successfully to try and make the teeth look whiter – one should ensure that whatever product they use contains the carbamide peroxide agent to prevent long term damage being created.