Camping Fridges

If you are in the market for a camping fridge, it is definitely worth your while to investigate Engels fridge freezer product line.

While many campers prefer the versatility of a 3 way fridge for their camping fridges, there is a school of thought that favors the purchase of a 12v DC or dual voltage camping fridge.

If you can live without a fridge that can be powered by LPG propane, the many advantages of an electric Engel camping fridge make it highly desirable.

Designed chiefly for vehicular use, Engel car fridges are primarily intended to run off 12v DC vehicle batteries. The compressor technology they utilize means that they are very energy efficient.  With a decent battery in your vehicle you can power these 12v fridges for quite some time without draining down your battery too far.  If you attempted this with a 3 way camping fridge you would have a flat battery in no time at all.

12v fridges are generally more rugged than 3 way fridges. A 3 way fridge usually requires a level surface in order to operate correctly.  This is not a requirement for 12v Engel car fridges which are designed to work well in rough conditions.

The technology inside an Engel fridge freezer is much better at cooling than in other types.  Most Engel camping fridges are able to freeze their contents safely.  A lot of 3 way camping fridges are only able to ‘chill’ a certain amount below the outside temperature – this is a severe limitation!

While Engel fridge freezers are more expensive than some of their competitors, you can rest assured that you will be paying for a quality product.  If you can live without powering your portable fridge with propane, and can afford the price, you will not go wrong with n Engel camping fridge.