Bulk Vending vs. Full Line Vending

Most people in vending choose either full line or bulk; it is very rare for venders to do both. While there are big national bulk vending operators such as Folz vending, the vast majority of bulk vending routes are owned by individuals or families. Full line vending is more of an even mix of big corporations and individuals. It’s not hard to get into either business so on this point they are equal. Both types of vending are very competitive fields with lots of competition. Regardless of the type of vending you do, it’s always hard to get and keep good locations, but this more of a problem with bulk vending.

Just so you know where I stand, when I entered into vending, I choose bulk vending. This may make my views somewhat tainted, but I’ll give you my reasons.

My main considerations in choosing bulk are:

Pricing – Bulk vending machines are much cheaper.

Weight – Without help, I don’t see how one person could possibly manage to move a full line machine. This was a big consideration for me as I want to be totally independent.
vending business
Vehicle – For full line vending I would have needed to buy a new vehicle that was capable of moving full line machines. Bulk machines can be unassembled and moved in even a small car.

Mechanical Complications – There are no electrical problems with bulk vending. Bulk machines don’t have any complicated computer programs that could go down. Bulk machines are very easy to repair. 

There is one big thing that makes full line a better choice, the main pro of full line is:

Locations – You will make a lot more per location so you will need fewer locations. Few locations mean less driving and better route efficiency.

For me the bulk vending business was the only way to go.

Photo: midorisyu