Bring Back the Army Men Toys

Army men toys hearken back to the day when playtime was simpler — no mechanics, no moving pieces, just bits of plastic and a child’s imagination.  If you are looking to bring your child some of that simple joy through the playthings they have, perhaps choosing from the selection of vintage soldier toys available is a good place to start.

You can, of course, just go with the classic buckets of little green and gold army men, which are still available at toy stores around the country.  Online, they sell for $30 for a set of 500 roughly 1.5″ figures, or smaller prices for fewer toys.  The figures come in the classic eight poses, from machine gun man to grenade man to kneeling man, and in addition to the normal green and gold colors, there are also gray and tan for extra diverse armies (or opposing forces).

There are also many accessories available to make army man playtime army men toyseven more fun.  Die cast playsets are available for around $25, with exciting extras such as helicopters, trucks, and foliage.  Smaller sets run in price from $5 to $7, and include some vehicles, road blocks, and a floor map for instant terrain.  And if your child is particularly enamored with the toy soldiers and wants to take on that role, you can purchase a plastic military helmet and let them take fighting matters into their own capable hands as their imaginations run wild.

Are you looking for a way to store your army men toys and make cleaning up easier?  Carry tubs designed especially for these tiny action figures come in various sizes, holding between 100 and 500 army men, depending on the size.  Or, if you are holding an army man themed party, there are camouflage drawstring bags for about $1 each and loot party bags for about $0.50 each.

Finding great army toys for your little ones is extremely easy, and it is great to watch them playing for a while away from the TV.

Photo: Andrew Mason