Be Scratch Free with a Screen Protector

Keeping a display screen scratch free can be a major headache and everyone wants to keep their new device looking good for as long as possible. Unfortunately the only way to really do that is to leave it in the box, in the protective wrapping and never use it. It will look nice, but you didn’t spend the big bucks on it to leave it in the box. The next best way to protect your lcd screen is with an lcd screen protector. They are available from many places, from Amazon to Zagg and all of the letters in between. There can be a wide discrepancy in quality of screen protectors so take some time to read the descriptions before buying to get the one that suits your device and budget

Many of the new touch screen cell phones are sold with a screen protector as an option and as Verizon just recently replaced my phone with a new Motorola Droid, the screen protectors available from the wireless companies and sold in their stores can usually be found a lot cheaper elsewhere. Since the Droid screen protector was thrown in as part of the package deal it wasn’t too bad, but if bought separately the price would have been excessive.

Time and use will show how much you need protection on the display and if you don’t get it, you will probably regret it enough to get it on the replacement device. Many of those devices with lcd screens are small and carried around a lot and that means that despite our best efforts they get dropped a lot too. How many times has your cell phone hit the concrete getting into or out of a car? Mine has done it way too often and I’m trying to be careful.

An LCD screen protector would also make a great gift for grandma or grandpa, they aren’t too expensive and if you apply it for them you’ll earn extra good behavior points.