Bamboo Earrings

Bamboo earrings, to the surprise of many, are typically not made from bamboo. While they certainly can be if they’re of a very natural style, they’re usually made from gold or silver, most commonly gold. They’re hoops that are given the markings, ridges and shape of bamboo. While it’s certainly possible to have genuine bamboo earrings, if they are made from natural bamboo they’ll be given some sort of coating to make them shiny and keep them in good condition.

The most common style of bamboo earrings you’re bound to find, however, is the bamboo shape in a small or large hoop in a precious metal like gold or silver. If you watch the style magazines, various female stars wear them on the red carpet and in casual situations, too. They range from tiny hoops to large hoops and hang far down the neck. Some bamboo earrings are a thin style while others are puffed and very chunky.

What they all have in common is that bamboo marking that gives them a segmented appearance as if they were real bamboo with the knots in the segments found in nature. Every now and then and young starlet will be seen with huge bamboo earrings on in hoops that are so large they may even pull her earlobe down and she’s looked at as setting some sort of a trend. Actually, bamboo earrings are a classic style that’s been around for years so more than setting a trend, new starlets wearing these types of earrings are actually just following a classic trend.

Much like pearls and diamonds, bamboo earrings are so classic that they go with virtually anything. It’s hard to go wrong as long as the color of your earrings such as gold or silver tone matches the rest of the jewelry that you’re wearing.