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NFL and NCAA Merchandise from

Grab a Florida Gators stadium seat to soften up those bleachers. Not a Florida Gators fan? How about Crimson Tide, Wildcats, Bears, Hoosiers or Dukes? Whatever collegiate sports you prefer, you can find great gear for yourself and gifts for family and friends that show off your school pride or your team allegiances. Whether you want a Florida Gators picnic basket or a BBQ tool kit, you can find it at Outdoor Posh, your one-stop shop for sports gear, tailgating supplies and grilling tools.

In addition to the NCAA gear, you can also find official NFL team logo gear like picnic baskets, picnic coolers, and many of the same items you can find with collegiate logos. Packers, Cowboys, Bengals, Rams and all your favorite teams are represented in almost 1000 items bearing NFL logos.

If you’re not a sports fan, you can find the same items available on the site without logos, usually in a variety of colors or styles. Things like portable BBQ grill and cooler combos, easy-to-carry coolers, picnic baskets, wine totes, cutting board/wine and cheese tool combos and more are available this holiday season and year round for gift-giving and stocking your own home with great gear to make picnicking, tailgating and sport-watching more fun.

Visit Outdoor Posh today for all your holiday gift-giving needs and skip the crowded malls and department stores!

A Free Standing Closet Can Increase Your Storage Space

A free standing closet is sometimes referred to as a wardrobe. These units are designed to be mobile units that will handle hanging clothes and normally have drawers or shelves as well. Wardrobes are available in many different styles, sizes, and price ranges.

The most economical type of wardrobe is one that you must assemble from a kit. These are typically between six and seven feet tall and about four feet wide. There are, however, kits that are scaled down for use in the bedroom of a child, with hanging rod in easy reach of shorter arms.

Massive wardrobes were very popular in the past, particularly during the Victorian Era. You can find genuine antiques in wonderful condition, but they will be quite costly. Reproductions are less expensive and easier to locate. While these can technically be moved, they are quite heavy, even when empty.

Modern movable closets are more expensive than the kits but less expensive than some other types. Cedar is a common wood used in the construction of these units, but oak and pine may free standing closetalso be used. Most of these are about eight feet in height and may be as wide as six feet. In addition to a rod for hanging clothes, they often have a shelf over the rod and drawers underneath.

For those who need the maximum amount of space, there are companies who produce walk in closets that you can take with you when you move. Many of these must be anchored for safety, but the anchors can be easily removed if needed. Some styles allow you to mix and match components to produce the combination of hanging space, shelves, and drawers that you desire.

If you need only shelves, you can find a wardrobe that has no rod for hanging items. These may or may not have drawers along with the shelves. Many people use these for storing items such as linens, toys, or games. Some companies produce a unit which they call a free standing closet, but these are not wardrobes. They are usually a hanging rod, often on wheels, with a canvas or vinyl cover. They are quite inexpensive, and can offer extra storage space for minimal cost. However, they will not hold a great many items. Photo Credits

How To Be An Online Psychic

So you’ve decided to get yourself a psychic job. You’ve got this gift and you want to share it with people and you’ve decided it’s fair and reasonable that you make a buck while doing it. But what kind of psychic business should you start? After all, you can’t just hang a shingle that says “psychic for hire” and wait for the crowds to show up.

One of your options is to run an online psychic business. On the one hand, it will present some challenges that traditional business models do not. At the same time, there are benefits that might make it worth your while.

On the plus side, an online business presents relatively low costs in terms of overhead. Your office can be your existing house. You need a computer and a decent internet connection. Online advertising is often more affordable than its print counterparts.

You’ll need a website, which means that you’ll also need a host – that is, a company that will store your website on its computer and make it available to online consumers. A good hosting plan is easily less than ten bucks a month – although after you start seeing some decent web traffic you might want to spring for something bigger.

There are plenty of ways to create a website without bringing in a professional designer. Doing it your self is obviously cheaper. But you have to ask yourself if what you create is sufficiently professional. Remember, when you’re running an online business, your website is your client’s first impression of you. Don’t skimp – and don’t let it look cheap.

Your website might need some fancy additions that are beyond you. For example, if you’re going to do some psychic chat, then you need online psychicgood software and support to handle that. And if you want your customers to pay online, then you are going to need a sufficient checkout process that provides safety on both sides of the transaction.

Think carefully about what kid of services you want to offer. If you’re a palm reader, then going online may not be the best choice for you. What are you going to have people do – scan a photo of their hand and email it you? That’s possible but not necessarily ideal. Be honest. If you’re a Tarot Card reader, don’t advertise yourself as a crystal healer just because it’s easy to say so online.

The downside to the online business is that your work alone – no customers ringing the bell and no fellow pyschic in the next cubicle. Be sure to address this or you’ll burn out.

An online business can be a great resource for self-employed psychics – think it through and don’t rush the process!

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Fine Art Posters

When many of us think of posters we don’t think of fine art posters. We think of pop stars and movie posters that we might’ve put on our walls as a child. Or we think of the movie posters that we enjoy even as adults. But fine art posters are a fun and affordable way to enjoy great artwork in your home.

Fine art posters are great for people who have a favorite artist whose work is far too expensive to purchase. Let’s face it–not all of us can afford an original Matisse, Van Gogh or Mondrian. So art fans who appreciate classical art and want to display it in their homes can purchase posters of it. They can also purchase reproductions on canvas that are often called posters but are more expensive than reproductions on paper.

The posters are a good option for people on a very limited budget. While reproduction on canvas of a classic work of art could cost a few thousand dollars, a fine art poster unframed will probably cost anywhere from $20-$100 though it could be more if it’s a very large poster. With the frame such a poster could cost a few hundred dollars or more.

An even more budget option than purchasing a large poster and framing it is purchasing the reproduction in a 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 sizing using a standard picture frame. This doesn’t give nearly the impact that fine art posters can but it’s affordable and if you really enjoy the art and can’t afford a larger reproduction you can at least still enjoy it in your home.

New artwork is typically not available in this format but at places like you can find posters of classic art that’s everything from abstracts to detailed scenes from the Romantic period and the Renaissance. It’s an affordable way to enjoy your favorite artwork every day.

Answering Job Interview Questions

Few things can make people quite as nervous as looking for a new job and answering job interview questions. How bad the interview is depends a lot on the interviewer and his or her style. You need to keep in mind that very few people who give job interviews are actually skilled at it. Some have a very distinct style and know exactly what they’re after. Those people are few and far between, however.

Most people giving job interviews are doing it simply because someone has to and they are the ones with the least pressing schedules. Few people enjoy giving interviews and dread them just as much as people who have to go to the interviews. Do your interviewer a favor and make a good impression by answering job interview questions like a pro.
The first thing to do is be prepared for surprise questions. There’s a question everyone hates to get which is, “why should I hire you?” Really think about how you’ll answer that question and practice it. There’s no harm in rehearsing as if someone just asked you. You can do it on your own or have a friend help you so they can give you feedback about how confident you sounded answering the question.

Be prepared for questions from some interviewers that are designed to stump you. Think about how you’ll answer questions about what your best and worst qualities are. You may be asked what you disliked about your previous job so come up with something that’s reasonable but doesn’t give the impression that you’re downing or knocking your former employer. If you’re asked why you should be chosen over someone else with perhaps more qualifications, rehearse what she’ll say so you don’t look at the interviewer with wide eyes. The more confident you appear and the more rehearsed you are answering job interview questions, the better impression you’ll make.

Accounting Service–Do You Need One?

If you’ve considered hiring an accounting service for your small business, there are some things you need to consider before committing. First of all, take a look at how much time you or any of your employees spend on accounting tasks. If you as a business owner are spending more than a few hours a week doing accounting tasks, you need to either learn to delegate that to someone else or look into an accounting service.

One of the things that holds small businesses back from growing into larger businesses is that the owners can’t let go of those small tasks. It’s natural to want to handle those things but delegation is the key to growth. You have better things to do than worry about payroll for your small business. You can either delegate to someone whom you employ or look into outsourcing accounting tasks.

To help you decide which of those is best, consider the jobs that your employees already do. Is there someone who typically handles money and figures who could just incorporate the accounting tasks you do into his or her job? Will you be overworking them and overloading them with menial tasks when their time could be better spent doing something that actually builds the business?

If you have to take someone away from things like sales or product and service development to do payroll, you’re wasting their time. They need to focus on things that bring money into the business. Let someone else handle the accounting tasks like an accounting service that’s dedicated to that type of work. You’ll be paying them to do it which is an extra expense but when you consider that the employee whose time is freed up is still being paid the same but is now bringing business and income in, it’s easy to see where an accounting service is cost-effective. You also have the benefit of knowing that the accounting service is an expert service that knows what they’re doing and often guarantees things like correct tax amounts and can even handle filing for you.

Learn to Play Piano

If you’re serious about wanting to learn to play piano, you should sign up for lessons. Piano lessons aren’t just for kids. Adults take lessons all the time. In fact, many accomplished players take piano lessons in a different style than they’re used to. Even piano teachers can sign up for lessons to expand their horizons a little bit. Someone who teaches classical piano may sign-up for lessons in improvisational jazz, for instance.

So it’s nothing out of the ordinary for an adult who’s never played or even for teachers to sign up for serious piano lessons. You can learn to play piano on your own if you like, but you will get the valuable feedback from an instructor. If you learn bad habits doing it on your own, those are harder to break later on. But if you start with the teacher and then branch off to learn on your own at least you will have a good foundation to work from. And taking at least a few lessons in the beginning can make sure that you use the proper technique and the correct fingers.

If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford a few lessons, then you might want to invest in some sort of DVD or video course. This takes money, too. But you only have to pay for it once rather than pay for an ongoing weekly lesson. And it’s a good way to get the basics and be able to learn them at your own pace rather than having to go once a week for a lesson.

If you don’t own a piano you can still learn to play piano. You can use some type of a cheap electronic keyboard but it won’t be the same because the key touch is vastly different from a real piano keyboard. Still, it’s a good way to learn the notes and the keys.

Bamboo Earrings

Bamboo earrings, to the surprise of many, are typically not made from bamboo. While they certainly can be if they’re of a very natural style, they’re usually made from gold or silver, most commonly gold. They’re hoops that are given the markings, ridges and shape of bamboo. While it’s certainly possible to have genuine bamboo earrings, if they are made from natural bamboo they’ll be given some sort of coating to make them shiny and keep them in good condition.

The most common style of bamboo earrings you’re bound to find, however, is the bamboo shape in a small or large hoop in a precious metal like gold or silver. If you watch the style magazines, various female stars wear them on the red carpet and in casual situations, too. They range from tiny hoops to large hoops and hang far down the neck. Some bamboo earrings are a thin style while others are puffed and very chunky.

What they all have in common is that bamboo marking that gives them a segmented appearance as if they were real bamboo with the knots in the segments found in nature. Every now and then and young starlet will be seen with huge bamboo earrings on in hoops that are so large they may even pull her earlobe down and she’s looked at as setting some sort of a trend. Actually, bamboo earrings are a classic style that’s been around for years so more than setting a trend, new starlets wearing these types of earrings are actually just following a classic trend.

Much like pearls and diamonds, bamboo earrings are so classic that they go with virtually anything. It’s hard to go wrong as long as the color of your earrings such as gold or silver tone matches the rest of the jewelry that you’re wearing.

What is XanGo Juice?

XanGo juice, a product created from the mangosteen fruit, allegedly has a number of health benefits. You should note that in 2006 the FDA basically told the makers of this juice that they needed to stop making health claims about their product. Their website today makes many claims, however. And they have an entire section on the science behind it. (Of course, underneath all the articles talking about the health benefits of the juice and the fruit that it’s created from there are disclaimers saying how the FDA has not evaluated the truth of any of this. So maybe you can claim whatever you want as long as you make sure that people don’t think the FDA agrees?)

XanGo juice gets its funny name because of the substance that’s found in the mangosteen fruit called xanthones. Studies suggest that this substance helps a variety of bodily functions. It’s supposed to help get rid of those pesky free radicals that we know are bad for us. It’s supposed to help boost your immune system and help your intestinal health so you digest better and absorb nutrients better. The claims are that it can help allergy sufferers and help people’s respiratory system stay healthy as well as help joints stay loose and functional.

According to the claims, there are many other health benefits to both mangosteen fruit and the XanGo juice that’s produced from them. The xango juice mangosteenfruit typically grows in Southeast Asia and it’s a dark, striking purple color on the outside but when you open the fruit you’ll see the white pulp. It’s a dramatic looking fruit that’s apparently delicious and supposedly very healthy. Since most fruit is healthy because it contains lots of nutrients as well as important fiber, the benefits of eating the fruit aren’t in question. How much of all the other amazing benefits that they claim that you actually get from the XanGo juice is, at least according to FDA, still up in the air.

Photo: Bob Richmond

Clinical Depression: How Do You Know it’s Not Just the Blues?

Clinical depression is something that’s talked about today in a way that it wasn’t 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Back then, even just a few years ago, when someone was depressed, other people would typically tell them to just pick themselves up by their bootstraps and straighten out. Today, more people are aware that clinical depression isn’t something we can to shake off. But with all of the advertisements on television and radio for drugs like Prozac, Celexa, Zoloft and many other medications designed to help with depression, you can almost imagine yourself in need of them.

The commercials always start out with “do you feel sad?” and “do you feel this or that?” The problem is that most of us have felt like that at least once or twice in our lives. Some of us who are more prone to melancholy than others might feel that way on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean that we’re depressed–at least not depressed enough to need medication.

Someone who is clinically depressed really should look into getting medical help. But how do you know if what you’re feeling is normal and not clinical depression?

• Have you had suicidal thoughts? This one should be obvious but many people slip into this thinking so easily over a long period of time that it almost seems like a normal thing to think about. But if you’ve been considering what it would be like to die or what your friends or family would do afterwards, seek help immediately.
• Have you been depressed for more than a couple of weeks? Typical sadness doesn’t hang on as long as depression.
• Do you feel completely hopeless? That’s a warning sign of depression. Depression steals the hope you have that things will get better, while normal bouts of sadness let you still think that they’ll go away.

If you’re suffering from clinical depression or highly suspect that you are you do owe it to yourself to talk to someone. You may not need medication but just counseling to help you overcome some bad thinking habits that can lead to deeper depression. But even if you do need medication and therapy, you owe to yourself to look into it. There’s no point in feeling hopeless every day when it’s not necessary. You deserve to be happy and you owe it to yourself to do what you can to achieve it no matter how badly you feel or how hard it is to believe.