Asian Makeup – Help with Finding the Best Foundation

If you are Asian, you probably realize how difficult it is to find a suitable foundation. There are, however, a number of key factors that can be used to aid finding the best foundation makeup online. The choice of powders and foundations available for purchase is often overwhelmingly large. While they all promise to provide even coverage, illuminating finishes and the newest technology, the likelihood of finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone is relatively slim. However, the range of foundations and powders available that are aimed at complementing and enhancing the appearance of Asian skin is ever increasing.

One Asian makeup online tip is to search for a foundation with yellow undertones. Such foundations will enhance the natural beauty of the skin. Makeup created for Caucasian skin features pink or red undertones and this feature renders it unsuitable for Asian women – it will either look too orange or white in appearance. This is because Asian skin contains more melanin and hence is not as fair in appearance as Caucasian skin.

Choosing the ideal color of foundation is all about selecting a shade which is as similar to your natural skin tone.  Foundation should be tested on the jaw line to ensure that it blends in adequately and does not leave an obvious line. Foundation should not be used to lighten or darken the skin tone as this will create the appearance of a mask!

If you require a foundation to cover an uneven complexion, a medium foundation will prove ideal as it will not look too thick in its appearance. In areas where extra coverage is needed, it is advisable to refrain from using heavy foundations and use an appropriate shade of concealer stick where it is most needed. Once the look has been completed, powder should be used to seal it in.

With a little experimentation, time and patience, the perfect foundation can be found. Asian makeup in the form of foundations and powders can enhance the natural beauty of Asian skin.