Article Submission Guidelines

1. Articles must be original and not duplicate or spun content.

2. Articles must be a minimum of 300 words, not including the title. There is no maximum word-count limit.

3. Articles may contain up to 2 external links within the article text.

4. Articles can be on any topic, except the following:

  • Discriminatory topics: no articles will be published that discriminate against or disparage any group of people like ethnic groups, GLBT, mentally or physically handicapped people, etc. No hate speech, period.
  • Exploitative topics: no article will be published that contains information about or that could lead to the exploitation of any group of people.
  • Immoral topics
  • Illegal topics
  • Pornographic topics or overtly sexual topics (which aren’t necessarily the same thing)
  • Any topic in which the article seems to be deceptive, containing blatantly false or highly unlikely claims

Note: Article Forest reserves the right to decide what might be  discriminatory, exploitative, immoral, illegal, pornographic or deceptive on a case by case basis. We are not obligated to publish any article submitted to us.

Further, Article Forest reserves the right to:

  • Edit articles for clarity and correct typos and other errors. We may do this if we feel the article is worth including but it find it has these flaws. You can increase your risk of acceptance, however, if you’ll simply proofread your article and run it through a basic spell-checker before submitting.
  • Edit articles to add relevent information.
  • Edit articles to include an internal link to other articles and information of interest within Article Forest.

You can learn to make your articles better by reading our helpful article writing tips.

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