An Inexpensive Way to Change Your Appearance

Getting plastic surgery such as a nose job or a chin job to change your appearance could be out of your budget, but if the urge to look new or different is the only thing you want today then there is help.  You may be a candidate to try the new eyebrow implants procedure which has been gaining popularity each day. If you need proof on how changing the outline and structure of your eyebrows can make a new you, then try this simple experiment. Stand in front of the mirror and use a black magic marker to draw different eyebrow shapes. Observe how your facial features will change by simple changing the angle of the eyebrow’s hair line or increasing its size. A modest change can make you look a happy and positive person and by simply increasing in a different direction you will look more seductive.

There are some pointers that you need to know if you want to have this procedure. The hair being transplanted to your face is taken from your scalp. There is no donor and it is not artificial. Thus, there is no chance of rejecting the implants. The hair restoration surgeon will first get your hair follicles from the back part of your scalp. These hair follicles will be inserted into your eyebrow area. The surgeon will be very careful in placing the follicles so that the directional growth of the existing eyebrow hair and the implants will match. This is important for your eyebrow to have a natural-like appearance.

These eyebrow hair transplants will behave like a natural facial hair once they have adjusted and rooted in their new home. Also, there’s a tendency that the implants will grow faster than the facial hair you’re born with. So, trimming is necessary at least once a month. Aside from trimming for maintenance, the results from the procedure will appear very natural and people will notice the significant change in your facial features.