Advantages And Disadvantages of Wood Worktops

There are many forms of wood kitchen worktops for kitchens. They are durable and less expensive than worktops like granite and stone. If you have not tried them before you may hold a lot of misconceptions about a wooden working surface.

It is commonly believed that wooden tops will become scarred or scratched with every day use. As with any counter top it will take wear with normal use. Unlike granite, stone, or foremica it can easily be sanded and refinished to give you the look of a new counter top. Much like wooden floors resurfacing can be done easily and quickly with a sander and a good wood oil.

There are other advantages to having wooden worktops. Wood is lighter than stone or granite so it is easily removed when you want to redecorate with something else. Wood comes in a vast number of styles, varieties, and grains. There are enough styles to match any already existing decorative style.

wood kitchen worktopsThere are some disadvantages to having kitchen wood worktops as well. Wood does warp over time. The heat and water of a kitchen will eventually cause some warping to occur. This warping can usually be compensated for during installation. With wood like with any other material it will scar, scratch, or burn so you will still have to use a cutting board or protective surface. This is the same for any counter top.

Wood worktops can be easily installed and as mentioned earlier are lightweight. You do not need to have a professional install most wooden varieties. You simply have to measure correctly and place the worktop down.

Proper sealing is required in order to prevent the worktop from warping due to water or heat exposure. Wood counters are worth looking into as a lower cost alternative to granite or marble which can be both heavy and expensive.

Photo: PatHayes