A Hair Restorer For Women

Historically, women have not received much help when it came to dealing with thinning hair and balding issues.  It was really a case of hiding the problem and pretending like it didn’t exist.  About the only solution for female hair restoration was for the poor woman to buy a wig or wear a hat or scarf.  This was in comparison to men who had hair implantation surgery, oral hair loss drugs (Finasteride) and topically applied drugs (Minoxidil) along with many other natural and home remedies which seemed to help male pattern baldness.  It really wasn’t fair but that was the state we were in.

Now the US government has come to the aid of women and approved a hair restorer product which really does seem to help with female hair loss.  This is actually the same drug that men have been using for several years, it is just in a different strength solution.  Minoxidil, the drug in question, was originally developed as a medication to treat high blood pressure.  During clinical trials an interesting side benefit was observed.  Men female hair restorationwho had balding problems were seeing their hair grow back and stop falling out.  Many further tests were conducted and it was determined that Minoxidil really did seem to have a positive effect on male pattern baldness.

This drug has now been available for several years being sold under the brand name Rogaine.  During this time many women with thinning hair problems tried their husband’s solution on themselves with good results.  The FDA got wind of this and did more research but, finally, they studied the effects on female hair loss instead of just males.  The findings showed that women responded well to a 2% active solution instead of the 5% solution commonly used by men.  Finally, women had a treatment that was recommended for them and also that seemed to work.

If you are having problems with thinning hair or balding then talk to your doctor about the over the counter medication, and be sure to observe the warnings and restrictions for use to stay safe and healthy.

Photo: Andrea Fregnani