A Guide to First Time Home Decorating

Interior decorating is a hard thing to get a grasp on for alot of new homeowners. Many freeze up at the thought of decorating a whole home while others go about it in a almost random fashion.  This is not to say, of course, that everyone is this way, just that decorating for the first time can be a difficult thing to grasp. Lets look at a few options to get you started and on your own “designing feet.”

The first thing any new designer needs to learn is to start small! Begin with a little room and work from there to see how you like what you are doing. A great first room for most people is their bedroom. Most people feel comfortable trying new designs in here because they will usually be the only ones to see it. This is great for really reflecting the “inner you” with interior design. Start by moving everything out of the room and beginning over again with a clean slate. This way only things that you decide to bring back in will influence your design. Trying to work around existing pieces just because you have them will almost always end in half-hearted results.

art deco antique furnitureNow you need to paint the walls in a color of your choice. Use deep and rich colors for a luxurious feel or light colors to make the room look larger than it really is. Make sure to paint or refinish any trim as well, as this will really make a room look like brand new! Once you have the room painted and everything is dry it’s time for the “big design!’

Start with something you really love whether thats an outfit, a chair or your bedset. Then use that theme to find other pieces for your room. If you are starting with geometric shapes and patterns then you may try art deco antique furniture for instance. If you are using a subtler first piece you may be more along the lines of primitive decor. At this point you should be getting a feel for what you really love in design and be able to take some chances on your own.

Now that you have conquered a small room like this you can move on to the major parts of your home. Take them one step at a time as well and soon your house will become your home!

Photo: monkeysox